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Finally… The Most Advanced, Updated & Complete Creative Visualization Course Designed To Improve Any Area Of Your Life In Less Than 20 Minutes A Day

Discover Cutting-Edge Creative Visualization Methods That Harness The Dormant Power Of Your Subconscious Mind To Create More Abundance, Love, Happiness, Success… Because When You Dream Big, Your Problems Become Small

Why This Course

For Those Who Want To Learn A Concrete Method To Tap Into The Invisible. There’s A Creative Force Inside Every Human Being That Can Make Any Vision, Dream Or Desire A Reality.

It’s a big claim, but it’s true: you really can transform ANY aspect of your life, so you experience more abundance, love, happiness or any other kind of success you desire.

YET, there are millions of people today who are trying so hard to “net” a mega success… only to end up with struggle and frustration.

And it’s because of a popular myth about what it takes to succeed.

It’s a myth that’s so misunderstood that people still cling to it — even though it rarely creates effective results.

The myth is that you need to “take action now.”

But the truth is… this simply isn’t enough.

In fact…

Taking Action Is Often Counterproductive

Yes, naturally, you should aim to move in the direction of your goals.

But truth is, a whole lot of inner work needs to be done before you start taking action. Otherwise you’ll automatically experience negative states like procrastination, anxiety, stress and even self-sabotage each time you try to make positive changes.

That being said, if anyone wants to rapidly progress towards a truly extraordinary life… there’s only ONE way.

And that is to…

What Makes This Program Unique

The Power Of Creative Visualisation is a unique program because of the following:


We bring in two hours of video training (with slides) on the latest techniques and mental models needed to make creative visualization work for you. More on this below.


You get 12 Guided Journeys designed to produce high “emotions” in 12 major aspects of life. Most books on creative visualization downplay the power of emotion. But that’s the rocket fuel that powers your visualization.


Unlike most visualisation approaches, each of the 12 guided visualisation journeys is designed to accelerate the development of each area of your life simultaneously; from your health, confidence, relationships, and spiritual connection.


Many good programs are becoming available online. But not like this one. Not only will you have lifetime access to this powerful visualisation technology on all your devices, but that each technique is scalable. This means you visualise when you want, for how long you want, without the fear of doing it wrong.


You also get brilliantly engineered soundtracks that you can use to create your own mental creative visualization journeys. These are based on advanced sound technology and are known to put you in the right state of mind for creative visualization.

What You’ll Learn With The Power Of Creative Visualization You Will:

Rapidly accelerate toward your goals

When you visualize and see the outcome of your goals in your mind’s eye, you’re aligning all your subconscious resources for goal achievement. This means you reach your goals in record time.

Enjoy creative solutions and answers to challenges

It doesn’t matter what you want to achieve at work, at home or in your relationships — when you master creative visualization, you’ll find yourself performing at your highest level in all areas of your life.

Attract lucrative business or investment opportunities

When you visualize, it’ll activate your brain’s Reticular Activating System in your brain, which will pay more attention or filter the information around us to assist us to get what we believed.

Experience better physical and emotional health

People who visualize positively enjoy more happiness and a better body… because your subconscious mind will always gravitate toward the food, the people and the lifestyle that brings you more joy.

Enjoy more meaningful relationships

With visualization, you’re 100% aligned with your goals, both personally as well as professionally. So you’ll have no trouble manifesting a loving soulmate or a new business partner who totally “gets” your vision.

Cultivate a strong sense of your unique purpose

Your purpose is not in what you do, it’s in who you are. When you visualize you’re letting you be who you are and so consciously you’ll know exactly how to make an impact on yourself, your community and the world.

Find yourself in serendipitous coincidences and synchronicities

When you visualize, you’re entering an alpha level where your intuition kick in. So expect things like bumping into an old friend at a restaurant, or getting an email from someone you’ve been wanting to work with.

Course Information

Here’s Exactly What You Get In This Course

You’ll gain instant access to The Power Of Creative Visualization — the most sophisticated course on creative visualization created by Mindvalley.

Here’s what’s included:


A two-part video training from Vishen Lakhiani about the complete science behind how creative visualization works — and discover a series of must-know rules that many experts say will produce the best and fastest results. Watch this first to understand the subtle mindset shifts and technique refinements you’ll need to be aware of to get the full benefits from this course.


Twelve amazing guided Emotion Fueled Visualization (EFV) sessions by Lisa Nichols that inspire you to dream bigger, attract bigger things and make these things manifest in your life even faster than before. Each of these tracks are very pleasurable to listen to — and they’re highly effective. Listen to these AFTER you finish Part 1.


Once you’ve listened to all the audios from Part 2, you’re now ready to create your own mental creative visualization journeys. You can use these Ambient Sounds as background music. This set of high definition ambient tracks are brilliantly engineered for perfect sound synchronicity and provide a rich, detailed experience. Proven by science to have an immediate calming effect on your brain, this helps you get into the mood for creative visualization anytime, anywhere — at the press of a button.

Here are the 12 Emotion Fueled Creative Visualization sessions recorded by Lisa Nichols to transform your subconscious blueprint (These are found in Part 2 :Guided Journeys)


Amplify your meditation practice with this powerful visualization track and begin consistently experiencing the full benefits of your meditation sessions -— from deep states of mind to tranquil relaxation. Bring up scenarios from your workplace and your private life, and discover how to easily dissolve moments of stress instantly.


Transform yourself into a powerful being with the ability to create your own luck. Visualize yourself manifesting progressively larger and more ambitious experiences, to the point where wealth and abundance are no longer barriers to your life goals.


Be guided through highly vivid imagery to allow you to tap into your once dormant intuitive potential. Visualize yourself unleashing a profound boost in spiritual connectedness with your surroundings, and discover your higher self and your true purpose in life.


Prepare yourself to be taken on an enriching and enlightening journey toward accepting the absolute beauty of your body. This mesmerizing visualization will help you become what you think about everyday, teach you how to love and embrace yourself, and how to envision an ageless lifestyle.


In this visualization track, learn how to form an unshakeable bond between your mind and your body. Through the sheer power of your mind, you will learn to connect and command your body to kick start your self-healing, boost your immune system and even naturally shed those extra pounds — for good.


Construct crystal clear images of your ideal body to the most minute of detail. From your healthy and clean organs to your energized and toned muscles — all working in perfect synergy to bullet-proof your health, drastically slow down aging and to revitalize your entire body.


Visualize a powerful attraction toward abundance in every aspect of your life — your dream car, the perfect home, your ideal holiday destinations — everything. You will also take it a step further and picture the vast contributions you will make (with the wealth you have created) toward the betterment of humanity and the world.


Discover true happiness that radiates from your core and spreads to the people around you. Visualize the most positive version of yourself — great character, strong values, balanced emotional control — and, in turn, attract only the people who uplift your happiness further. Discover the power of emotional intelligence, allowing you to handle even the most stressful of situations with ease.


Form clear and vivid images of your business or career booming, and the rewards that brings. Visualize every detail of your ideal job — from completing your projects in record time, to experiencing exponential growth in your workplace — and imagine having the self-motivation that comes from immersing yourself in your true passions every single day.


Create the perfect network of friends and family, those who will be there to support you in your times of need and celebrate with you during your moments of success. Forge your ideal relationships, create lifetime bonds with the people that matter the most to you, and consistently attract the people that can help serve your life’s greater purpose.


Imagine your perfect relationship dominated by the purest and most uplifting emotion: love. Feel the pleasure of unconditional love, both in giving and receiving, and visualize the benefits of a healthy and passionate love life.


Experience the joy and gratitude of being a supportive parent to your children AND a loving son or daughter to your parents. Envision strong, unbreakable bonds within the family dynamic and imagine creating the perfect relationship with both your parents and children — one as easy as it is rewarding.


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