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“Crack The Girl Code” by Michael Fiore is an online training program providing the “cheat code” psychology techniques to get into a woman’s mind and make her feel an instantaneous connection with you, and sexual desire.

Note that this course was originally released as “Get the Girl Code”, but changed shortly after it’s release to “Crack the Girl Code”. Same programs, just change of the brand/ name of the course.

The program is based on pushing a woman’s 3 key buttons:

  • Connection: Making a woman feel like you understand her like no other man ever has
  • Sexual Desire: Knowing what to say to a woman to get her turned on
  • Fate: Understanding female psychology to make her feel like she’s “destined” to be with you

Table Of Contents/ List Of Topics Covered:

  • Openers women want to hear
  • How to play a woman’s emotions
  • How to cheer up a crying woman
  • A technique to rewrite her libido
  • Ghost Attraction explained
  • How to re-ignite a woman’s interest in you
  • How to approach women in various situations
  • How to drop a “desire bomb” in a woman’s mind
  • A thought trap that draws her unconscious back to you
  • How to immediately stop a woman from being jealous
  • Why women have a deep-rooted need to be pursued
  • A method of handling rejection and getting a woman to reconsider
  • The 30-second phone number trick to get a woman’s phone number
  • What women really find attractive and how to get women to objectify you
  • The Escape Velocity technique for getting out of a woman’s friend zone
  • A phrase to get women flirting and begging for your attention
  • How to “flip the switch” in her mind so she finds herself chasing you
  • Why most women are not “gold-diggers” and actually attracted to rich guys
  • Fooling a woman’s radar so she falls for you even if you have no money
  • 13 common signals women give off and how to multiply her desire for you
  • How to spy on other guys to see what they say to women you want online
  • How to tell if she’s ready for you to kiss her and give her the “conqueror kiss”
  • The mindset to trick yourself into being confident, powerful, and irresistible
  • A technique to bring a woman down to your level so she competes for you
  • How to create subconscious attraction in her brain so she’s attracted to you
  • Panty Dropper Note: method for slipping this note into her hand so she craves you
  • Connecting with a woman on a deep, emotional level so she sees you as her dream man
  • How to use your voice as an emotional and sexual remote control to turn her on
  • How to identify a woman’s signals that she like you, wants you to talk to her, and more
  • Conversation Matrix Method to talk about anything without running out of things to say

Bonuses include:

– How To Avoid The Friend Zone
– The Sexual Escalation Formula
– My First Ever One Night Stand
– Simple Seduction Checklist
– The Connection Factor

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