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The Modules We Cover

Create data-driven Facebook Ad Campaigns, learn the science behind the data-driven method and understand how we optimize/scale Facebook Ads.

data-driven method and understand how we optimize/scale Facebook Ads.

1 Phase One
The guiding principles for successful Facebook ads and the different metrics that come together to form the method behind the system.

2 Phase Two

The ways we can use data-driven decision-making to make changes to campaigns, ad sets, and ads purely off data, not intuition or personal experience.

3 Phase Three

The protocols for cutting ad sets and ads. We cover the exact rounds of cuts we make to remove low performing ads & ad sets so we can raise our result average and lower the cost per result on our ads.

4 Phase Four

We uncover the scaling methods, how to rapidly increase your results, how to scale without resetting the learning phase, and how to consistently scale campaigns/ad sets daily without significantly raising the cost per result.

About the Facebook Ads Mastery Class

Proven processes, modules, methods and trainings on how to generate a consistent ROAS using Facebook ads.

2 Live Q&A Calls With Chase Every Week

This is your chance to get live feedback with ME so you can chat about Facebook Ads, ask questions about optimization, scaling, get my advice on an ad, hear personalized feedback on a strategy and more.

100+ Guides, Downloads, & Recorded Resources.

Access all our docs, trainings, and recordings on how to create ads that convert, how to optimize audiences to increase ROAS, and scale results to increase your ROI.

15+ Facebook Ad Modules & Templates

Get access to the plug and play Facebook campaign/ad templates that my entire team relies on EVERY DAY to generate results, convert audiences, scale campaigns, and so much more.

Meet Your Instructor

Hi, I’m Chase, I’ll be taking you through your Facebook ad class & doing live Q&A calls with you.

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