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“You’re Insane.”

That’s what the best marketer I know said to me. 
It was after I told him my plan for this writing and personal branding course.
But let’s back up a bit.
His name is Chris.
He’s someone I added to my network a few years ago.
He’s one of the best course sellers in the world – no exaggeration.
He’s worked with people who are one step below the biggest names in the game.
I’m talking about content creators who are just a tiny bit smaller than Grant Cardone and Tony Robbins.
He has generated over $300 million in revenue for his clients.
So, I thought he was the guy to show this course too.
He took a look, told me it was awesome, gave me a few tips on improving it, and then asked me for my plan on how to sell it.

This is what I told him:

1. This course is the last course I’ll ever sell. All future info will be added to it for free.

2. The first 1,000 buyers will get a $100 discount just for being early adopters.

3. After those 1,000 copies are gone, I’ll never offer a discount again. No exceptions.

He was MAD.
Then he started bargaining with me.
First, he asked if I would consider adding some bells and whistles and selling it for around $2,000. He said I could make $500k+ on it this year.
I told him that’s way too much money, and that the pricing was firm.
Then he asked if I would consider breaking it up into 5 courses (writing, Twitter, LinkedIn, content creation, and freelancing) and releasing one for about $200 every year for the next 5 years. He said I could make $50k+ every launch.
I told him I don’t want to drip the content out unnecessarily, and that it was all gonna come out at once.
“So you’re really gonna give everything away for $197 and never sell a course again?” he said.
“Yes”, I replied.
And then he sent me the message that’s in big bold letters at the top of this page:

“You’re insane.”

And maybe I am, but this feels right, so I’m gonna do it.
Now, this is gonna be a typical corny course sales page.
I’m not gonna show you photos of me in Lamborghinis, make you feel bad about yourself, or use tons of pain/shame to sell.
I’m also not gonna ask my influencer friends to give me inorganic testimonials even though they never even went through the course (internet marketers do this ALL the time).
Stuff like that is part of the reason why I’m getting out of this game.
Instead, we’ll keep it simple.
I’ll just answer what are probably your 10 most burning questions, and then you’ll decide if you want the course or not.
And we’ll do all of that on this ugly sales page with this awful design.
Honestly, writing that out, I’m starting to think I really am insane 😂
But it’s too late now.
So let’s get started…

Who Are You?

Here’s me in my Lambo that I bought with that sweet, sweet writing and personal branding money:

Just kidding.

Actually, though, here are some photos of me at a wedding and on the golf course (I’ve been playing for 15 years, and I’m still awful):

But let’s do a little backstory too:

From 18 to 22 years old, I had no idea what I wanted to do in life, and it was killing me. I dropped out of college, did nothing for a while, and couldn’t find a single thing that felt right.

From 23 to 25, I found entrepreneurship, fell in love with the idea of starting a business, and got the absolute shit kicked out of me in eCommerce. My first business got shut down by Etsy, and the next two lost over $20,000 combined.

When I was 25, I decided it was time to put entrepreneurship on pause. Partially because I was tired of failing, but mostly because I had $0 in the bank. I started applying for jobs, and while waiting to hear back, I applied for freelance writing gigs. Writing ended up working out before I even got a job interview.

Three months later, I was earning enough to live. Then I kept showing up every day, building better offers and getting better clients until I was a $100k per year earner. Finally, I started a personal brand, grew my network, amassed a following, and raised my income by about 200% in 18 months.

I hate writing the following list because it sounds like bragging, but you should know what I’ve done so you can trust me to deliver on this product.

So, here’s what I have now that I’ve been in the personal branding game for almost 4 years:

  • Over 220,000 followers on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram combined. This audience is easy to monetize and costs nothing to advertise to.
  • Over 16,000 people subscribed to my newsletter. This is another asset that’s easy to monetize and costs nothing to advertise to.
  • If I wanted to get a job, I could send out a couple of social media posts, send 30ish DMs, and have 10+ high-quality offers that same day.
  • Over $100,000 in info product sales to roughly 1,000 customers in the past 12 months. Plus, I did another $100,000+ in years before that.
  • A marketing agency that earns $20,000 per month and could be at least double that if I wanted to scale it further (I prefer staying at this level, at least for now).
  • A network of millionaires (and even one weird billionaire that calls me “Sir Charles” when we text) who help me in a variety of ways.

There’s more, though.

I’m not just a guy who’s done well building my personal brand.

Instead, my marketing agency builds personal brands for other people too.

We work with tech CEOs, venture capitalists, marketing agency owners, coaches, and course sellers to build their personal brands and maximize their online earnings.

That means I’ve built personal brands from zero to successful over and over again, in multiple niches, with multiple writing styles.

You know my success isn’t a fluke because I’ve done it 20+ times for other people too.

I have this game down to a science, and now I want to show you the formula.

What Are You Offering?

There are two ways to approach this question. First, what’s in the course, and second, the outcomes it delivers.

Let’s tackle those one at a time.

What’s in the course:

Brand Identity

  • Refining it when it’s obvious
  • What to do when it’s not obvious
  • Being known for one thing
  • Adding personality
  • Adding uniqueness
  • Gearing everything around your goals

Profile Creation

  • How to write the perfect bio
  • Header and profile photos
  • Pinned tweet strategies
  • LinkedIn featured section strategies


  • How to find accounts to network with
  • Replying quantity and strategy
  • When to start DMing
  • How to DM people to sell
  • How to DM people to just be friends
  • Taking relationships off-platform

My 9-Step Universal Writing System

  • Get inspiration (tools and resources included)
  • Pick your angle / big idea
  • Research (tools and resources included)
  • Gather Assets – Photos, information, links, etc
  • Write an outline
  • Write the body – How to inform and retain interest
  • Write the conclusion – How to finish strong and sell
  • Write the hook/Intro – How to get and keep attention
  • Edit – Mindset, tools, and strategy

Content Creation

  • Creating content for your goal
  • Types of content that work
  • 48 templates that crush it over and over again
  • 21 hooks that crush it over and over again
  • The right way to use artificial intelligence
  • The infinite content playbook
  • Frequency depending on platform
  • Getting endless ideas from others, yourself, and software
  • Leveraging your personality and experiences
  • Long-form vs mid-form vs short-form
  • Balancing trust building and engagement farming
  • Twitter giveaways, quasi-giveaways + same for LinkedIn
  • How to create LinkedIn carousels 
  • Differences between LinkedIn, Twitter, and IG/TikTok/Shorts
  • Repurposing to LinkedIn, Twitter, and IG/TikTok/Shorts
  • The exact process of sitting down and doing the work
  • My universal writing process applied to content
  • Examples of best in my network

Getting Seen

  • Reciprocal engagement
  • Strategic partnerships 
  • Paying for promotion (how to do it right


  • Service options
  • Product options
  • Options that are somewhere in the middle
  • Which to build at which stages
  • How to make an offer irresistible
  • Examples of best in my network 
  • Bonus: My hyper-effective offer launch playbook

Sales Funnel

  • The link tree strategy
  • The full website strategy
  • Persuasive landing pages
  • Pinned tweets, pinned IG posts, and LinkedIn featured section
  • Where/how to plug links besides your profile
  • Cold outreach basics 
  • Examples of best in my network

Watch Me Build A Brand

  • Identity
  • Profiles
  • Finding people to network with
  • Engaging, DMing, and partnering
  • Content creation
  • Initial offer
  • Basic funnel
  • Later offers
  • More sophisticated funnel

Putting It Together

  • Phase #1: 0 to 1,000 followers
  • Phase #2: 1,000 to 10,000 followers
  • Phase #3: 10,000 to 100,000+ followers
  • Time-blocking strategy
  • When to sell different types of offers
  • Managing expectations, staying sane, and staying persistent


  • 49 viral post templates to plug and play PDF
  • 21 hooks that crush it over and over again PDF 
  • 175-post analysis / swipe file
  • Creator funnel analysis
  • General copywriting analysis
  • Top software tools for writers and creators
  • 50 Rules For Better Writing (100-page eBook)
  • Written 30-page personal branding summary
  • Written 30-page freelance guide

Everything Else

  • Free lifetime updates (I’ll add more content whenever I find something useful to share with you)
  • If you choose the consulting upgrade, you’ll also get 90 minutes of my time to spend on whatever you want (Q&A calls, reviewing your profiles, editing your content, etc)

What outcomes it delivers:

There are a million different ways I could go with this section.

I already told you what personal branding gave me: a powerful network, 200,000+ readers, a $300,000+ per year income, and more.

But the outcomes you can get depend on your goals.

I have friends who don’t want to be entrepreneurs. Instead, they used their personal brand to go from working a job they hated to working one that they love (and pays twice as much).

I have clients who have met business partners through their personal brands and others who have found companies to acquire through their following/network.

The dichotomy between those shows you the insane value of having a personal brand. It’s not just an asset. It’s a launchpad.
If you want to leverage it into clients, you can. If you want to leverage it into customers, you can. If you want to leverage it into a better job, you can. The list goes on and on.

That’s because a personal brand is the world’s most versatile asset. Once you have one, you can use it to do almost anything.

Of course, nothing is guaranteed. I say that as a legal disclaimer, but I also say it as a person giving you an honest expectation.

My results are not typical. Neither are the results of my clients and most successful customers. You may never reach them.

But as my friend said to me recently:

“The best case of building a personal brand is you completely change your life. The worst case is you get better at writing and meet a few cool people, then you go back to where you were before.

That’s how it is. Life-changing results are not guaranteed, but this is a low-cost project, so all you have to risk is your time.

And I bet you’re wasting a lot of that anyway

It’s worth finding out if this game is for you.

Who’s It For?

This is a simple one.

If you want to build a personal brand, or you’re building one but it’s going too slowly, then this is a great product for you.

It’ll cut the learning curve down significantly and give you tons of little tips that could pay for the price of the course by themselves.

If you don’t want to build a personal brand, it’s not for you.

But there’s one more group that it isn’t for, and that’s people who can’t afford it.

I once talked to an internet marketer who said he would convince people to buy his $2,000 coaching program on credit cards, even if they had $0 in the bank.

He’d tell them “if you really believe in yourself, you’ll take the leap, and if you really commit to my program, you’ll easily pay that debt off and make 100x more”.

Thinking about all the people he pressured into high-interest debt made me nauseous.

That was the last time I talked to him.

If buying this course puts financial strain on you, then it’s not for you. Don’t get it. Risk your time, not your money.

How Is It Different?

There are a lot of personal branding courses out there.

I’ve taken about 15 of them. Some good. Some bad.
The three biggest flaws I’ve noticed:

They’re Too Short:

A lot of these courses are just 80-page PDFs or 1-hour videos. That should be free or cheap, not hundreds of dollars. Mine is massive. It has 5+ hours of video and 500+ PDF pages.

They’re Too Narrow:

Most people who sell courses like this have only built their own personal brand. That means their advice is very narrow and basically just a guide for their younger selves. I’ve built brands for other people too, so I give advice that works for everyone, not just people who want to do exactly what I do.

They Don’t Tell The Whole Story:

Almost every person with a personal branding course also has a follow-up course, and then another, and then another. This year, it’ll be personal branding. Next year, it’ll be content creation. After that, it’ll be writing. That’s because they need a new product to sell every year to keep their income up. Mine has everything in it because it’s the last course I’ll ever sell, and if I find anything missing, I’ll add it for free later.

This is not your typical personal branding course.

It’s close to others like it, but it’s a league above.

Is It A Good Deal?

Yes, it is.

We can think about that in three dimensions…

Compared To Other Courses:

Compared to other courses, it has much more information than other options at this price point. As I wrote above, lots of marketers sell 80-page PDFs and 1-hour videos for this price or a little bit less. This bundle is like having 5 of those courses in one.

Return On Investment:

In terms of ROI, the potential is limitless, and getting to a positive ROI is pretty easy. If you send a connection request that leads to a job, your $197 investment will make you many thousands. Same for getting a high-priced client. Even a low-priced client or a few product sales will get you above $197, and that’s not to mention all the evergreen profit-creating skills you’ll learn. This course really only has to deliver one medium-sized win to you, and your ROI will be through the roof.

Saving Time:

The most valuable dimension, though, is time. I didn’t grow at all in my first 4 months of personal branding. Then I grew a bit, but I was attracting the wrong audience. Then I had a decent audience, but my offers were terrible. It took me about 2 years to figure anything out, and it took about 3 to master the game. If I had a product like this at the start of my journey, I would’ve done all of that at least twice as fast. Making money is cool, but saving time is even better.

Can I Figure Out Writing & Personal Branding On My Own?

Yes, you can.

That’s not a big confession.

You can figure almost anything out on your own.

What this course really does is save you time and frustration.

You’ll still need to struggle and go through trial and error, but I promise you’ll go through a lot less after going through these lessons.

So, if you have literally no money but a lot of time, then don’t buy this.

But if you have money and want to save time, this product might save you 20 hours of consuming low-quality free content and 6+ months of following a bad plan.

You can figure it out on your own, but letting me help you will make things go a lot faster.

Why Should I Buy Today Instead Of Later?

This is another simple one.

The biggest reason why is that the first 1,000 customers are getting $100 off.

Once those discounts are gone, I’ll never discount it again. Not during Black Friday. Not during Cyber Monday. Not ever. That’s a promise. If you wait, you will spend more.

It’s also best to get started ASAP, regardless of discounts. A lot of people are interested in building brands and creating content, but a year from now, even more of them will.

You shouldn’t be afraid of competition, but you should be aware of it.

Starting now puts you ahead of the millions of people who will start later, and if you get good results, it’ll deliver those results earlier in your life.

Is This Risky?

No, it’s not risky at all.

On the money side, it’s a $197 investment, and if you absolutely hate it, send me an email within 15 days of your purchase, and I’ll give you a 100% refund with no questions asked.

Note: If you choose the consulting option, there are no refunds. I am happy to refund products, but I will not refund my time.

That means there’s no financial risk.

All you’re risking is time and emotion. We all waste hours every day, so time isn’t really an issue, and emotion can be managed.

The biggest risk is wasting 6+ months procrastinating or following a bad plan.

If you have the cash, buying this product is less risky than not buying it.

It’s Time To Make Your Decision… 

Alright, I talked your ear off (wrote your eyes off?) for long enough.

No more persuading, no more questions, and still no Lamborghini pictures.

Here’s a quick summary of what we’ve discussed:

  • Having a thriving personal brand is infinitely valuable. It’s a launchpad that you can use to get clients, get jobs, attract customers, build your network, and more. This product helps you build one.
  • It also helps you save time. Wasting a year on bad plans and making no progress is a nightmare. This product helps you avoid that.
  • The course is absolutely massive compared to other products in its price range. It has 5+ hours of video and 500+ PDF pages full of how-to guides, useful information, and immediately-applicable tips.
  • I’m the perfect person to teach this, not only because of my personal success, but because of my experience building personal brands for clients.
  • My past products have all had rave reviews, and this one is even better than those. You can trust that it delivers.
  • If you’re one of the 1% of people who hates it for whatever reason, I’ll give you a 100% refund with no questions asked. That means this purchase is risk-free.

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