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Module 1: Installing Joy

  • Breaking down 5 self-development myths that are counterproductive at advanced levels, like “fake it til you make it” and “don’t accept anything beneath your standards”
  • The 3 levels of belief and how to simultaneously rewire all 3 (most approaches will hit only 1, 2 max)
  • Reconnecting with repressed joy – many times to fit in, we ratchet down our positive feelings
  • Setting up your baseline level of daily joy to be higher
  • Doing self-improvement from a foundation of self-love rather than feeling like you’re “not enough”

Module 2: Removing Subconscious Limitations

  • Addressing the 6 foundational negative emotions that drive limiting behaviors
  • Uncovering childhood “vows” that are holding back your life in the shadows
  • Uncovering negative blind spots that are unconsciously holding you back
  • Working through hidden “trauma” – yes, everyone carries some with them and simply “knowing” your issues does not stop them from affecting you
  • Releasing patterns of stress, anger, and fear that are coming out in destructive ways

Module 3: Embracing Your Authentic Purpose

  • Identify the parts of your life that “yes man” and people pleasing tendencies are running – and stop once and for all
  • Stop basing your career decisions around impressing other people or keeping up with the Joneses
  • Tap into inspiration and motivation for a career or project that lights you up and helps other people
  • How to better understand what’s truly driving you, so you make certain you’re motivated by your genuine desires and not by fear of what you ought to be doing

Module 4: Upgrading Your Habits

  • Loosening the grip of habits that have addictive qualities and negative consequences — anything from social media, to news, to work, to pornography
  • Reconditioning dysfunctional behaviors in your most important relationships — your partner, family, and closest friends
  • Working with what psychologists call the “shadow” to find the hidden root of repetitive, negative behaviors and release it

Module 5: Unlocking Your Full Potential

  • Learning to change for the positive effortlessly (or as close as possible)
  • Getting past the insidious worries and self-doubt that wonder if you’re “doing things wrong” and sap your confidence
  • Removing the sense that you’re “doing it wrong”
  • How to know if you’ve plateaued and if so, how to continue growing instead of spinning your wheels
  • A simple daily exercise be more present and less stuck “in your head”

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