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What you’ll learn

How to Feel Better On Camera

Horrifying, Abiding, Inspiring: The 3 phases of camera confidence:
How setting up a home studio can provide confidence
Nervous energy is a good thing: Yerkes-Dodson Law of Performance

Hands-on Exercises

The ultimate list of camera confidence builders
The “One Minute Sit”
Send a “Hello Video” with your phone
The “weighted vest” of camera confidence
Test your on camera content in conversation

About the instructor

Howdy! My name is Cam Houser. I moved to Austin, Texas, twenty years ago to play guitar in rock bands and work in tech startups. Gigging three nights a week combined with the startup grind wore on my body. Before I knew it, I had a repetitive stress injury that made typing and guitar painful. this was a scary time—I adjusted to giving up music, but losing the ability to type made me me wonder if I’d be able to make a living.

In desperation, I stared experimenting with video. After all, I could speak and look at a camera without pain.

After years of learning the art of speaking on camera, I started using video in other ways. In my work as an entrepreneur—videos in the sales process, educational videos to drive awareness of my work, and internal communications with team members. Eventually, I created a live course called Minimum Viable Video. The course, now approaching cohort 6, has educated thousands. But it’s a live course that takes four weeks. Cool on Cam is asynchronous so you can take it at your own pace. If you’ve struggled to talk on camera, this course will spare you the years it took me.

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