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Paul Travels The Globe (In His Pretend Delorean) Coaching His Free Traffic System For Ecommerce, Info Products & Affiliate Marketing

Module 1
Here you will find some welcome videos telling you about the course and what you will learn. He has videos where he talks about the power of Youtube. He talks about the ‘power of 3″ where he discusses how people search for products.

Another video on protecting the downside citing Richard Branson in an example. He also pits Google Vs Facebook and compares free Youtube traffic vs paid Facebook traffic.

Module 2
This module shows you how to set up your channel, gets you ready with the right mindset and discusses daily tasks and goals.

He then discusses choosing a niche, provides a source (existing website) on a variety of niches to choose from. Then tells you where you can find products on sites like Clickbank, Offerfault, CJ etc.

The videos are averaging 5 minutes in length with 7 in total. Pretty generic section where you can find this stuff online anyway.

Module 3
Module 3 is a rather large module that discusses his “magic first page formula”. further channel set up, talks about using a plugin called Tube Buddy & keyword research.

Other videos on another keyword tool, and discusses the importance of giving value. Rounding it up he discusses how to create a “hook” and how to create “stunning” thumbnails (using Canva.com). Most of this info you can find in other free tutorials on Youtube but you’d have to search for it.

Module 4
In this module you will learn about funnels and how your customer will go from your Youtube video to an opt-in form, bridge page, affiliate product and end up in your email sequence.

Module 5
Here is where you’ll learn how to set up your links on your videos, whether it’s through a direct link or a landing page – which is recommended. He then goes into funnel integration, the types of funnels to create and why, how to configure the Optin page & Lead Magnets.

A video on your bridge page tells you how to structure it for max conversions. He also has sample email sequences and templates. Exit pops are also shown.

Module 6
In this module there are 8 videos with the longest one just under 13 minutes long. The first video discusses your “money videos” followed by a review on your channel. Youtube analytics is discussed, where you’ll learn how to read the data to determine what the stats are all about.

More videos on link stats & data follow. You’ll also learn how to optimize your videos by adding tags, etc.

PBN’s are briefly discussed but says he doesn’t really use them. Paul prefers to keep his course white hat. Just an aside – PBN’s work very well with videos but you need to know how to use them!

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