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Make more email sales….

And do it without sounding like –

“That one annoying company”

(…in other words, I write emails you actually want to get…)

Copy For All Your Email Marketing Needs

Automated Email Flows

Automated emails ensure your customers are contacted at key moments in their journey with you. These are crucial to guarantee a proper relationship is nurtured with your subscribers

Strategic Consulting

I’ve worked with over 25 E-commerce stores. Need some insight on how you’re communicating with your audience? I’d love to chat with you.

Webinar Follow Up Series

Often overlooked. I go above and beyond with a 30-day follow up series guaranteed to maximize your revenue.

Ensure your product launch reaches maximum long-term potential.

Who Am I?

Hi there, my name is Brennan. I’m a direct response copywriter and email marketing strategist. I like to treat people like people…instead of wallet openers. Which surprisingly enough, makes them open their wallets even more. I’ve worked with over 25 e-commerce stores and helped clients bring in as much as $100,000+ per month with my emails.

Need someone to write some heartfelt sales copy that will prompt on-the-fencers to buy, and not “burn out” the remaining potential of your list in the process? Let’s talk.

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