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You can reach the next level of drive, focus, influence, health, and joy FASTER than you ever imagined! Brendon is coaching YOU for an entire year! But hurry – registration closes soon!

High Performance Academy Master’s Course is Brendon’s most advanced program on self-mastery and success.

When you register for High Performance Academy Master’s Course right now, you receive the most comprehensive and powerful personal development training in the world.

This is the same training and tools Brendon gives his elite-level clients, from multi-millionaire entrepreneurs, to extrremely busy parents, to Fortune 50 CEOs, to his $50,000 clients.

As part of this advanced one-time only program, you will receive:

THE MASTER’S PROGRAM: 5-weeks of advanced, mastery-level online personal development training. (Value $1,997).

WEEK #1 is a master’s level crash course on focus and high performance. You’ll discover how high performers learn faster, use special tools and triggers to achieve goals, predict success, manage their day brilliantly, and influence others like leaders.

WEEK #2 is advanced psychology training to understand what really drives your behavior, shapes your thoughts, and defines your identity and happiness. You’ll create new mental frameworks for success; overcome fear and doubt; become more confident; and develop greater capacity for joy, success, resilience, and love.

WEEK #3 is advanced physiology training on stunningly effective well-being strategies, meditations, exercise routines, nutrition plans, and modern recovery tools. You’ll master the ability to generate energy, fight off fatigue, reduce stress, increase mental stamina, and promote longevity. You’ll learn vitality skills that will give you the internal power needed for a long, healthy, motivated life.

WEEK #4 is advanced productivity training for achieving your dreams 10x faster. This is how the world’s most successful people manage their day, get more done, organize projects, evaluate opportunities, delegate, deal with setbacks, find fulfillment, and stay focused on what matters. These are the secrets you need to get ahead and make a difference.

WEEK #5 is advanced people and persuasion skill training to help you become more influential with your family, friends, coworkers, and everyone you hope to lead and serve. You’ll learn how to revitalize relationships, persuade others to support you, manage conflict, start movements, and lead with integrity and power. You’ll become a role model ready to change the world.

WEEK #6 is a bonus week on pulling it all together in a powerful life purpose that will keep you energized, focused and confident every day of your life.

Best of all, even though these weeks release sequentially starting now, have access to them for LIFE and can watch them at your own pace. Yes – you can watch on your own schedule from any device anywhere in the world.

This is the world’s leading personal development trainer working with you!

Finally – proven strategies to master your mind, your health your career, and your relationships…

…from someone who trains the highest-level achievers in the world.

This is not a hype-up session or therapy session.

This is about giving you proven practical powers… about giving you REAL tools, mindsets, and habits to make lasting change starting NOW.

This is science-backed, heart-centered strategies and tools for excelling in life, taught to you by the guy who has graduated 1,000,000 students and has trained Oprah and her team, Usher, Fortune 50 CEOs, billionaires, and many of the world’s most influential thought leaders.

Brendon’s goal is to help you rid your life of fear, fatigue and frustration so that you can live a more purposeful, energized and remarkable life.

Success Magazine ranks Brendon Burchard in their Top 25 Most Influential in Personal Development & Achievement.

Oprah Magazine calls Brendon “one of the most influential leaders in the field of personal growth.”

Here’s what they’re saying about your trainer:

“His knowledge and work in high performance is outstanding.” —Usher

“The reigning world heavyweight personal development and expert educator.” —

“The world’s most watched, quoted, and followed personal development trainer.” —HarperOne

“No one will deny his authenticity in helping others achieve their dreams.” —

“One of the world’s most successful motivation trainers.” —Larry King

“Brendon has lived a fully charged life, and he’s helping millions of people transform their lives and feel more alive, engaged, and fulfilled. There’s something about Brendon when you speak with him; he vibrates at a level that’s different from others and he has messages we all need to hear.” —

“Over 50,000,000 people watched his videos in the last 12 months, more than 30,000,000 see his posts every week on Facebook, and 600,000-plus students have completed his online courses or video series, making him one of the most successful online instructors in history.”—

This is YOUR trainer!

Get Even More FREE When You Register Today!

BONUS #1: Brendon’s famous private client “high performance plan.” (Value $50,000)

This robust plan is the secret playbook Brendon gives to his $50,000 clients. It details the habits and routines you need to implement in order to dramatically advance your health, focus, relationships, and success. What does Brendon send his celebrity clients? Now you’ll know and it will transform your life!

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BONUS #2: The High Performance “Intervention Kit.” (Value $5,000)

You’ll love this! The kit is full of audio coaching library from Brendon to help you deal with real-life tough obstacles and challenges. Have a fight with your spouse, a disappointing day at work or major set back, a huge dream that you don’t know how to begin? Yep, there’s an audio program for that.

BONUS #3: Two tuition-waivers to a LIVE High Performance Academy seminar. (Value $997)

While we still have seats… Brendon’s next 4-day live advanced seminar is in San Diego, September 22nd-25th. Attendance is optional, but we thought we’d just give you this $997 tuition waiver for you and a guest, for free! If you choose to attend, you’ll register separately for the event and pay a one-time $97 materials fee for you and your guest.

BONUS #4: Year-long access to Brendon’s private online community. (PRICELESS!)

You can ask Brendon any questions for the entire year! How many influencers and multi-millionaires let you ask them questions anytime you want for a year? Brendon is in the forum every week taking your questions!

All of this is taught by Brendon Burchard personally.

That means you get one of the world’s most influential personal development trainers teaching YOU how to succeed at advanced levels.


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