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With One Simple Move You Can:

  • Stop losing women that initially liked you (because you couldn’t play the game)
  • Re-enter the dating scene with confidence… at any age.
  • Pass each and every one of women’s secret tests

Unlock the Scrambler is the only system that combines eliminating the ’nice guy’ behavior engrained in so many men with the most cutting-edge discoveries of modern psychology.

So you can gain the attraction of women, project personal power, and avoid the
‘lets just be friends speech’ for good.

Everything “Nice Guys” Know About Women is Wrong

I’m sure you probably have heard that expression more than once, “Nice guys finish last,” or “Don’t be the nice guy.”

But let me ask you… Why is being too nice so detrimental?

The answer is actually really simple.

It’s because the woman associates you being nice as you trying too hard, and that try hard behavior, she associates with a low status person.
Basically she thinks ‘if he’s trying this hard to get me to like him, there must be something wrong with him, other women must not want him either.

You see a woman is unconsciously noticing all these things about you:

  • How quick you are to return her phone calls.
  • How much you agree with things she says.
  • How available you are to hang out.
  • How hungry you are for her approval.
  • How much attention you get from other women
  • How easy it is to get a compliment from you

I call it “Nice Guy Syndrome” and many men are guilty of it without even realizing how much its hurting them.

Rob and I have a saying:

“Once a woman figures you out its over,
and you’ll never have her”

It isn’t until we look back at our dates with women or our relationships, that we realize we came across too nice, predictable, and way too easy to catch. And that bores her.

And with

Boredom = Death.

Remember, dogs don’t chase rocks sitting on the ground. They chase rabbits that dart in and out of bushes.

So, how do you get a girl to chase you? Easy.

You use the RIGHT BAIT.

We have helped over 40,000 men around the world to take their “power” back into their own hands by using these techniques to shed “nice guy” behavior and pass women’s secret tests.

… without having to act like a “jerk” or pretend to be someone their not.

Hi, I’m Bobby…

I know that women can seem impossible to figure out, and how that frustration can kill your confidence and impact your entire life.

Most men know me as a top dating coach, in a happy relationship. But my life didn’t always look like this.

I spent most of my life as the “typical” nice guy stuck in the friend zone, and confused and frustrated that I was always single and alone.

And worst of all, I thought because I wasn’t overly good looking, rich, or naturally charismatic, I didn’t deserve the type of woman of I really wanted to be with.

I know what is like to feel like “dating isn’t worth it”.

And I also know what it’s like to lose hope after watching another woman slip away (even when she seemed to initially like you.)

But now, I’m happy to have had the chance to meet, attract, and date a lot of fun, beautiful woman, and wind up with a woman I really wanted. And I am living proof that its not only possible to overcome years of frustration with women, you can get to the point where you have complete choice and control over your dating life.

Over the past ten years I have worked with thousands of
in-person clients around the country and now tens of thousands of men all over the world have used my program to finally land the woman they’ve been longing for.

And discover the powerful secret that our dating life can quickly change at any age.

Here are The Benefit You Can Expect

Stop Losing Her
Interest Early On

Keep things interesting and engaging with a woman without coming on so strong you scare her away. The Scrambler gives you everything you need to hold a woman’s attention and keep the attraction alive, so you can enjoy fun dates, cuddling on the couch, and taking vacations with an attractive girlfriend or wife.

Build Self

They say that until a man has his dating life under control, his self confidence suffers in every other area of his life. When a man is chasing a woman, heartbroken, or not getting his physical needs met, its almost impossible to focus on anything else. When you finally conquer this area, your confidence explodes in all areas of life.

Transform into a More
Attractive Version of You

Did you know that women don’t judge a man’s attractive on his physical traits like we judge women? Women judge a man on what she “feels” when she’s with him, and how much she thinks about him when he’s not around. In fact, sometimes the less you’re her “type” physically the more powerful the Scrambler is because she winds up thinking “there is just something about it”

Time and Money

Are you tired of having to make time for expensive, weekly dinner dates that fizzle out before the first kiss? The tools in this system can be implemented this week… So you can reclaim all your time and money being a nice guy has cost you, and finally make her yours.

No More
Friend Zone

At some point or another we’ve all experienced the dreaded friend zone speech. And the feeling of being in purgatory, stuck there, with no way out (until now). That is why the Scrambler “resets” a woman’s opinion of you, giving you a chance to start over, and finally escape the friend zone.

Finally Understand
the Psychology of Women

Women can be a huge mystery to men and impossible to figure out. But once you go through the program its like getting a glimpse inside a woman’s mind, and knowing exactly what attracts her, what turns on her on, and why she repeatedly chases certain guys, and why these techniques can have the same effect for you.

Why Do Most Programs Fail?

Other Programs

  • Generic advice like “be confident”
  • Time consuming therapy trying to “fix you”
  • Silly “Pickup Artist” Tips
  • Worthless new age mantras
  • Expensive ongoing “dating coach”

The Unlock the Scrambler System

  • Stop the root cause of rejection
  • Based on proven psychology
  • Puts you back in control
  • Has you winning “the game” again at any age
  • Gives you a second chance at a firs impression
  • One time payment for lifetime access to training

Here’s a Small Taste of What You’re Getting

Put “The Game” on Autopilot

No more worrying if you’re showing too much interest, if you’re not being persistent enough, if she’s slipping away or just playing hard to get. You’ll never have to worry if you’re texting too much or too little, if you should compliment her, or when to reveal your feelings. Just sit back and let the Scrambler do the work.

Resets a Woman’s Opinion of You

This way, even if you’ve already messed up or made a bad impression, she’ll instantly forget she’s ever rejected you or muttered, “Let’s just be friends.” Discover how the first phase of The Scrambler allows you to make an entirely new “first impression” on a woman who might already feel like she figured you out.

Not More Wondering
How She Feels About You

Did you know there’s a simple question you can ask a girl that’ll instantly tell you if she’s ready to kiss you so you never have to risk rejection or embarrassment? Did you know that its possible to “read between the lines” of her text messages so you can quickly judge her interest level?

The RIGHT WAY to Play Hard to Get

I bet you already know that girls are hard-wired to want what they can’t have. What you probably didn’t know is that if you start playing hard to get before you fully capture her attention, she’ll just think you’re disinterested, gay, or too shy to make a move. This is why it’s crucial to follow the exact sequence laid out in the Scrambler.

Conversation and Flirting
Tips and Tricks

This program is meant to provide you everything you need to know make meeting that one special woman easy and enjoyable. So in addition to the psychology based moves, you will also get flirting tips and word-for-word example of what to say, when to go for the kiss, the right way to use humor, and how to build chemistry and connection so she sweep her off her feet.

Why Do You Want to Pass Women’s Secret Tests?

  • Attract, Date, and Marry Your Dream Girl
  • Make Dating Enjoyable
  • Feel a Sense of Power and Control Over Your Love Life
  • Have “Choice” and Never Have to Settle
  • Become More Attractive to Female Friends and Co-workers
  • More Physical Intimacy With Women
  • Stop Losing Her Interest
  • Feel Like You Can a Woman the Experience She Craves
    (even if you’re not young, rich, and handsome)
  • No More Flakey Time Wasters Canceling Plans or Ingoring Phone Calls
  • Get Back to Feeling Like the Best Version of “Me” Again

What Will You Receive?

Everything you will need to become the man women choose from the crowd and want a relationship with.

And a little over a year ago, Rob Judge and I held a private seminar in Rob’s house in Scottsdale Arizona. We invited 10 of our best students, who paid us over $1000 each to be there in person.

And over the course of two days, we handed these students every step of the Scrambler, every chess move, every subtle thing you can do to have a woman chasing you for sex and relationships.

And we turned it into a home study course where you’ll get full access to the entire seminar, the workbooks, the strategy guides, and have everything you need to put the Scrambler into use, and start seeing the same amazing results the guys at the seminar have experienced.

You’ll get over 10 hours of HD footage from the seminar, after watching it just once, you’ll be an expert on using the Scrambler to find a wife, girlfriend, or just some casual fun with a female friend, co-worker, or even the girl who serves you coffee at Starbucks, its your call.

Begin to see the change in the way women respond to you today.

Free Gift #1

The Scrambler Interview Companion Manual

Rob and I wanted to leave no stone unturned, so we had one of our female friends dissect the entire Scrambler technique with us.

She asked the questions, and we lay it all out, step by step, so any possible question that could arise would be answered in this companion manual. We transcribed the entire 2 hour interview and turned into an easy to ready manual so that you have all the moves at your fingertips.

  • A behind the scenes look at these “case studies” that led to the Scrambler
  • Quick and easy reference guide when you don’t have time or access to play the videos (this is especially good to keep on your phone to quickly review)
  • Goes deeper into the “psychology” of the various moves you’ll learn in the recordings

Most people love to have this handy manual because it gives you the extra guidance and coaching advantages as if you had your own personal instructor everywhere you go…without having to pay an arm and a leg.

In fact, today it doesn’t cost you anything. It is my gift to you…absolutely free.

Free Gift #2

Invisible Escalation

The first bonus, is a video called Invisible Escalation.

In this video you’ll learn how to spark intense chemistry and tension with a woman, completely under the radar, so that she begins feeling attraction to you, but doesn’t know why.

This is perfect for a female friend or co-worker because when she becomes attracted to you she thinks it was her idea.

What you’ll love about the method in this video is that you really can’t get rejected because you’re never overtly making a move, you’re just using a series of “invisible” moves that get her imagining being with you.

Proven tips like:

  • The right mindset for taking things to the next level
  • Small physical gestures that slowly make your move
  • How to spark that elusive “vibe” that makes going for the kiss easy
  • How to solidify the attraction the two of you feel (even if you can’t get the kiss)
  • And much more

Free Gift #3

She’s Sending You Signals Manual

You’re going to get our “She’s Sending You Signals report.” Discover every hidden signal she’s sending to the point you can actually read her mind and know exactly what she’s thinking.

This report shows you how to decode even the most hard-to-read girl. Never miss an opportunity to make your move. Never feel confused or frustrated because you can’t read her signals.

Discover things like:

  • A simple move that lets you know if she’s ready to be kissed
  • How to “read between the lines” of her text messages
  • 7 signs that most men miss (that let you know its time to move on)
  • How to know the difference between ‘not interested’ and ‘playing hard to get’
  • And much much more

Free Gift #4

12 Conversation Topics That Have Her Fall in Love

You’ll also get 12 “Conversation Topics” to insert into your conversation that create a love loop in her mind and have her go home later that night and think, “Wow. I think I’m falling in love with him.”

You’ll learn all 12 topics, exactly why they work and how to effortlessly slip them into conversation.

  • Never run out of things to talk about on a date
  • Always guide the conversation toward something that sparks her interest
  • Avoid awkward silences or coming across ‘boring’
  • Appear interesting and intriguing by slipping these 12 topics into any conversation
  • How to naturally introduce them into a conversation
  • And much more

You’ll get these special bonuses 100% free when you order today.

So go ahead and claim your copy of Unlock the Scrambler System and Seminar Recordings

But before you do, I want to reassure you…

You will experience the ultimate satisfaction of being with a woman you are truly attracted to, or I will insist that we give you your money back.

When I created this program I had only one goal in mind…

I wanted YOU to have an affordable program that would allow you to experience the same amazing results that changed my life.

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