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Is Rough Around the Edges Right For Me?

Rough Around The Edges is an intense, results-driven series of workouts led by a team of professional stuntwomen and inspired by the moves they use to train for their roles. Designed for anyone who wants to get in great shape and get inspired to become best versions of themselves they can possibly be. If you have a passion to be stronger, inside and out, then RATE is an ideal program for you!

What Are The Workouts Like?

Each Rough Around The Edges workout challenges your body in a different way. You’ll use kickboxing combos to burn fat, karate-inspired exercises to sculpt your core, superhero moves to build incredible strength, and much more. Just show up and work hard, and you’ll be rewarded with amazing confidence and results.

Nutrition for a Healthier Body and Mind

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Meet Amy

Amy has been studying martial arts her entire life, which is only natural when your dad is an MMA champion. All of those years of practice are given the spotlight in each Rough Around the Edges class she guides. She’ll motivate you to reach your toughest goals through persistence and perseverance.

Meet Anisha

Anisha applies the same attention to detail to fitness as she does being a stuntwoman— every little workout counts! For an added boost of fun in class, she adds some dance moves to each workout she leads, drawing from her extensive background in dance and touring with T-Pain.

Meet Caitlin

After competing in various martial arts tournaments across the country, Caitlin caught the eye of none other than Jackie Chan. From there she became a natural stunt woman. Her tip for keeping herself motivated comes from her competitive streak: “You have to keep getting better because everyone else out there is getting better as well.”

Meet Corinne

Corinne began her career as a police officer in Canada, and discovered her skill for fighting on the police boxing team. From there she left the force and began a successful career as a professional boxer and, later, a host on ESPN. And when we say successful, we mean she became the No. 2-ranked female boxer in the world.

Meet Michelle

Fitness has been a lifelong love for Michelle. She started gymnastics at the age of 3, and martial arts at 10. When you show up to a workout with Michelle, she’ll leave you feeling pumped, positive, and ready for more.

Meet Thekla

After getting into Taekwondo as a kid and, later, sport karate, Thekla got into stunt work. Not all stunts are flips and tricks though, she tells us: “I did have to learn how to ride a Segway for a stunt once.” She brings the same fun and charisma with which she attacks a Segway to every workout!”

Michelle B. lost 17 lbs., 12.75″

After completing Rough Around the Edges, my clothes are fitting better and my waist definitely looks slimmer. I feel stronger by the day!

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