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Creating A Bug Free Mind – The Secret to Progress by Andy Shaw

This is the first part of the Bug Free Mind Process which eliminates all negative thoughts, leaving you happier and healthier, meaning you can go from where you are now to where you desire to be.

The truth is you are not naturally unsuccessful, but instead you were born naturally successful, despite what you have learned and what life has shown you. Whatever success looks like for you, the process in this book will give you back your own natural ability to achieve it.

This book is a journey with me guiding you through your mind which will show you how to easily and quickly change lifelong, self-destructive habits of thought.

This journey will be an extraordinary one. Along the way you’ll discover exactly how to take your life from where you are to where you want to be. You will discover the secret to living a wonderful life, the power to have anything you truly want and the magic you’ll need to make it all happen.

Within days of beginning to read this, your life will begin to change… In fact it is impossible for it not to. However, what changes and how much change will be entirely up to you as you will have back full control of your mind and be able to order it to do whatever you want to do. This process frees you from your present set of self-limiting beliefs and allows you to live the life you would live if you lived without whatever fear is currently holding you back.

With this process you will remove all of life’s negatives, stress, worry, fear, anxiety, overwhelm and even depression… and all of these are easily dissolved. You will unlock supreme self confidence and unbeatable self esteem. You will unleash the power to propel you towards your desires effortlessly.

Everything you’ve deemed as a ‘failure’ was not your fault. You were programmed to fail. The truth is, you can achieve your dreams, live the life you want, on your terms as others do. Success is a simple matter of de-cluttering your mind. Once de-cluttered, manifesting your desires will come naturally for you. That’s what A Bug Free Mind is, it’s the Secret to Progress.

Why I created the Free Mind Process

A few years ago I discovered that people could not create success because they were effectively trying to load good software onto a computer with a virus.

I saw that the way success is taught would only work for the people who still had their natural success mindset. I saw that everybody on earth is, or rather was once naturally successful. That we all had a 100% natural success mindset which we once used perfectly to learn to walk.

Every day since you learnt to walk you have moved further away from this naturally successful mindset. This is why you cannot become successful, no matter what you attempt to do. You were programmed by society to fail… There’s no conspiracy theory here, it is simple deduction, how else can you explain a 99.%+ failure to succeed rate?

So I wrote The Bug Free Mind Process to enable you to remove the bad program. Once you’ve removed it, then you are once again left with the same natural success mindset which you once had when you learnt to walk.

What this process does is teach you a whole new way of thinking and you discover things about yourself which you never knew were currently preventing your success.

I was fascinated about why I could succeed and why the masters of success where unable to have much effect on people. Then one day I discovered why they couldn’t teach it to people despite the fact that their teaching’s worked.

When I discovered where and why they were going wrong I saw the benefit I could bring to the world. Just after that I understood that I should devote the remainder of my life to; showing people how to succeed in a way which ‘they could make work.’ That if I didn’t then I was going to be failing my children.

I had discovered why people couldn’t succeed and I knew I could fix it

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