Andrew Giorgi – Amazon and Walmart Dropshipping Course


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This course will teach you ALL of THE MAJOR SECRETS that NO ONE talks about in other courses.

What You Will Learn About Inside The Course

This course will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know about building and growing an Amazon Drop-shipping BusinessfromA-Z.

This course is made for people who are COMPLETE BEGINNERS who know nothing about Amazon to someone who is looking to learn all of the small details and tricks I use to run my business.

I have compiled all of my knowledge that I have learned from selling on Amazon and drop shipping on Amazon into this course. There is all of the tips and tricks on how to run a more EFFECTIVE and EFFICIENT business. I provide you ALL of my Customer Service Templates along with my Orders Spreadsheet that is pre-made and contains formulas to help you efficiently run your business and have you simply plug in numbers and names of products.

Also, I provide to you other spreadsheets that I have created that will allow you to run and manage your business much more EFFICIENTLY. I provide tools in this course that I use that NO OTHER course on the market talks about and show you things that no one speaks about. Take this opportunity to start your journey to financial freedom and ULTIMATE FREEDOM.

Andrew Giorgi – Amazon and Walmart Dropshipping Course

Andrew Giorgi – Amazon Dropshipping Course

  • 1-Amazon Dropshipping Introduction.mp4
  • 2-Facebook Group For Course Members.mp4
  • 3-Business Model Overview.mp4
  • 4-LLCEINResale Certificate Obtainment.mp4
  • 5-Creating Business Bank Account.mp4
  • 6-Creating The Amazon Storefront.mp4
  • 7-Shipping Settings Set Up.mp4
  • 8-Return Settings Set Up.mp4
  • 9-Setting Up Gmail and Folders.mp4
  • 10-Walmart Tax Exempt Guide.mp4
  • 11-Home Depot Tax Exempt Guide.mp4
  • 12-Tax Exempt Form Overview.mp4
  • 13-Setting Up Return Override Template.mp4
  • 14-OA Genius Overview.mp4
  • 15-Settings Tab Configuration Walkthrough.mp4
  • 16-How To Upload Items To OA Genius.mp4
  • 17-How To Read-Understand Orders Tab.mp4
  • Overview.mp4
  • 19-How To Connect Informed With OA Genius.mp4
  • 20-How To Create a Repricing Strategy.mp4
  • 21-Chrome Extensions I Use.mp4
  • 22-AMZ Scout In-Depth Chrome Extension Overview.mp4
  • 23-How To Avoid Velocity Reviews.mp4
  • 24-Account Health Section Overview.mp4
  • 25-Performance Notifications Overview.mp4
  • 26-Product Masterlist Spreadsheet Overview.mp4
  • 27-Product Research Method #1 – Supplier To Amazon.mp4
  • 28-Product Research Method #2 – Sniping Sellers.mp4
  • 29-How To Determine If Other Retailers Are Worthy Of Being a Supplier.mp4
  • 30-How To List Products.mp4
  • 31-How To Edit Listings.mp4
  • 32-How To Fulfill Orders.mp4
  • 33-How To Input Orders Into Orders Spreadsheet.mp4
  • 34-Importance of Customer Service.mp4
  • 35-Customer Service Templates Overview.mp4
  • 36-How To Deal With Order Cancellations.mp4
  • 37-How To Handle OOS (Out Of Stock) Orders.mp4
  • 38-How To Handle Return Requests.mp4
  • 39-Calling Customers – How and When To Do It.mp4
  • 40-My Daily Routine.mp4
  • 41-How To Scale Your Amazon Store.mp4
  • 42-How To Leverage Credit Cards For Your Business.mp4
  • 43-Amazon Suspension Services.mp4
  • 44-Product Research Sniping Update With AMZ Scout Extension.mp4
  • 45-NEW Chrome Extension for IP Alerts.mp4
  • 46-Service For For Removal Amazon Account Suspensions and IP Complaints.mp4
  • 47-High ODR Counter For Newer Sellers.mp4

Andrew Giorgi – Walmart Dropshipping Course

  • 1-The Opportunity At Your Fingertips.mp4
  • 2-Join The Facebook Group.mp4
  • 3-Who To Contact In Fb Group For Walmart Account Approval.mp4
  • 4-What You Need For Before Speaking To Approval Service.mp4
  • 5-Updated Price For Walmart Approval Service.mp4
  • 6-Completing The On-Boarding Checklist.mp4
  • 7-How To Complete Manage Inventory on On-Boarding Checklist.mp4
  • 8-How To Obtain API Keys for Walmart Store.mp4
  • 9-Inventory Management Software Set Up – UPDATE.mp4
  • 10-How To Connect To Walmart.mp4
  • 11-Software To Swap TBA Tracking Numbers – UPDATE.mp4
  • 12-How To Install OA Gravity.mp4
  • 13-New Repricing Strategy – UPDATE.mp4
  • 14-How To Change Handling Time.mp4
  • 15-Overview of Seller Scorecard and Performance Section.mp4
  • 16-Explaining Payout System and Spreadsheets.mp4
  • 17-Overview of Trust and Safety Section.mp4
  • 18-What can get your account Suspended.mp4
  • 19-Creating Your Prime Account.mp4
  • 20-Why We Create Multiple Accounts.mp4
  • 21-How To Become Tax Exempt on Amazon Prime Buying Account.mp4
  • 22-Strategy To Mitigate Risk of Amazon Prime Account.mp4
  • 23-What Happens If Amazon Removes Prime Eligibility From Your Account – UPDATE.mp4
  • 24-How To Do Walmart Product Research.mp4
  • 25-High Ticket Product Research Strategy – UPDATE.mp4
  • 26-How To List Products in Bulk With Inventory Management Software – UPDATE.mp4
  • 27-How To Fulfill An Order.mp4
  • 28-How To Fill Out Order Fulfillment Sheet.mp4
  • 29-How To Upload TBA Converted Tracking Numbers.mp4
  • 30-Overview of Walmart Customer Service Templates.mp4
  • 31-How To Deal With Order Cancellation.mp4
  • 32-How To Deal With OOS Orders.mp4
  • 33-How To Handle Returns.mp4
  • 34-Secret To Getting Customers To Respond.mp4
  • 35-My Daily Routine.mp4
  • 36-How To Scale and Automate Your Store.mp4
  • 37-How To Slow Sales Down – UPDATE.mp4

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