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Get The Confidence To Approach Any Woman, Anywhere without coming across as creepy or using any manipulative tactics

Alex teaches true natural game. True change that improves all aspects of your life. Thanks Alex for all the things you do and the great products you come out with. I’m excited to check this one out!

Alex is probably the greatest social life instructor of today. I have read and watched a lot of other PUA material, but it wasn’t until I came across his old RSD YouTube videoas then everything really started to click with me.

After watching pretty much all his online YouTube videos, I knew I had to take a bootcamp with him. I emailed RSD a couple of times trying to figure out when Alex was going to be running a bootcamp, finally after weeks someone from RSD got back to me and said Alex is no longer with RSD and he was pursuing another business.

About a month later, I found out about 4WN. I was going to do a 4-day bootcamp that costs about the same, here I get to spend 4 weeks with a legend. ”

– Ryan

“Most coaches in the industry said it couldn’t be done. The myth is that you either are a natural or you weren’t and that it couldn’t be taught. Alex is proving everyone wrong.”

– James

“Alex taught me what game is supposed to look and feel like. The 10 commandments of what interactions need and what they don’t need helped focus my attention and mindset. After practise and repetition it becomes how you naturally relate to people instead of always having a micro-managing agenda behind what you say and do. I have gotten more value out of studying what Alex presents than any other material I’ve looked at. One thing I really like about what Alex teaches is coming from a place where you truly have pure intentions for the girl and for yourself. Your experience is largely determined by a win-win mindset instead of a value-taking, dirty pleasure type mindset. You’ve got a client for life here, Alex.”

– Chris

Tired of seeing the same recycled material by most “pick up” companies that are backed up by nothing but “flashy pickups” and don’t even work most of the time… just to make some “guru” or company more money?

Have they really forgotten why everyone originally really got into pickup?

So you can go out to a club, bar or bookstore and approach ANY girl you like and create mind bending experiences with her…So you can fill your life with those movie quality memories…and eventually create loving/deep rooted/cherishing relationships with the girls you enjoy most.

Do you really want to be one of those guys?

Trying to “get her attention” while actually creeping girls out trying to replicate some YouTube “Guru”

Imagine a much more natural way of meeting girls, my method… that I have crafted for over 11 years.

Everyone’s trying to…Control the girl’s emotions, to trick the girl into liking them, using routines and lines, hoping the girl can’t see through their bullshit…

What if I told you that none of this was necessary? That you could meet your dream girl in a much more natural way…

Without creeping her out… and without ever doing anything “weird’. A method I have come to understand after 11 years of doing this and that I will teach you today…

But it’s time to put an end to it… it’s time to shift the community in the right direction.

Create Win-Win Relationships For Both You & The Girl

My Name’s Alex

I have been teaching men of all types and all ages for the past 11 years… on how to improve in every aspect of their dating life. I’ve worked in this crazy mode around 300 days out of the year and traveled to some of the most remote places in the world. Trust me when I say… I have seen it all.

The secret to my game is very straight-forward, it’s purely about learning how to manifest a shit load of fun WHEREVER you are and creating a win-win situation for you and the girl. I repeat…WIN–WIN and FUN.

No manipulation, No scripts, nothing you need to memorize. Just learning to truly understand how to completely express yourself in the best way possible.

Imagine your game, your understanding of the social mess we live in, gets to such an immense depth, that people ASSUME you were always a natural. They assume you are much better looking than you really might be. They assume all these incredible positive qualities. but Why?

Because you are constantly showing them the best YOU. Then as a result they only focus on your best qualities, constantly.

That is my life at the moment.

I was never the guy you see speaking in-front of you today. I was much different. Introverted — unable to express myself. I barely had 3 friends very less a real “best friend”. Things were very different than what the world assumes of me now.

Before I became an online dating coach, I was studying to become a psychologist. I wanted to really help people that had gone through hard times growing up as I did. So obviously after I became a dating coach, I began breaking down every student’s behavior and showed them what exactly is stopping them from getting the results and life they want.

Now listen, I’ve been teaching hundreds of students in person and thousands online, every year… and I’ve been doing this for almost a decade – you do the math…

I studied every student and every student taught me something new, but to be honest…

The biggest sticking points were always the same

Almost every student was doing the same few things wrong.

And chances are…. Whatever is holding you back right now from being the man you could be– whether it’s a small subtlety or a blatant mistake – I’ve probably seen it before…and fixed it.

So I sat down and put together everything I had, every piece of knowledge and experience… Every failure, mistake and sticking point I’ve seen out there…

And then I broke down my own brain, every single detail that makes me Who I Am…

About how I think and how I act, I created a program that covers literally EVERYTHING there is to natural game… from every possible angle.

Pre-Program Instant Gratification

One day or another we’ve got to face the music, time is ticking on and you’re still kicking yourself every waking day because you have not found the ‘one’.

These lonely nights spent comfort eating on Deliveroo takeaways while watching back to back episodes of Game of Thrones are beginning to gnaw away at your sanity.

You’re frustrated at being the proverbial third wheel and wallflower at every social function your mates invite you to – you suspect they do it out of pity just to save you from becoming a fossilised hermit, but seeing them play happy families with their significant others makes you want to vomit a little.

The worst thing is mum’s worried you’ll leave her bereft of a grandchild, so now the pressure’s really on…but how do you meet a quality woman you’d be proud enough to introduce to your friends and family?

Does true love even exist in a world of frivolous hook-ups and widespread hedonism?

Won’t you just get lucky sometime, you don’t know when, but surely Mother Nature won’t leave you to decompose into its soil without laying down a few roots first?

Okay, enough with the neurotic behaviour and myriad of self-defeating questions Sherlock, it’s time to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and figure this stuff out once and for all.

I’m assuming that’s why you’re here, correct?

You’re fed up from no results with women all your life, maybe lacklustre results, or maybe you’re just a guy who wants to take his game to the next level until he’s on Dan Blizerian heights?

No worries, this program is designed for all of the above. In short, this is a no thrills, no gimmicks program predicated to get you consistent and freakishly impressive results. You’ll walk away from this program armed with an intuitive understanding of the female psyche, confident in the knowledge you’ll know how best to navigate the realm of social dynamics in order to get the girl/s you want.

We’ve spent countless hours recording, analyzing, and coaching to distill this down into a product that will have lasting tangible results! With every product release, we see a student leaving us as alumni, wizened with a bit of the wisdom imparted from seasoned executive coaches who have traveled the world courting hundreds of beautiful women.

This is an educational course we want you to pore over studiously; we’re asking for your full commitment here as we will be fully committed to your deep level transformation. We’re confident that after this program the concept of daygame will be a non-issue, as you’ll now have the ability to attract women anywhere; the streets, coffee shops, train stations, the mall, airports, you name it! We’ll also teach you how to massively cut down flakes from numbers and how to maintain solid relationships with girls in your life.

Alright mates, ready for an adventure?

Intro and Preparation

If enhancing your dating life is something you’ve desired, then you’ve come to the right place.

You’ll be happy to know that the instructors who have architected this course are some of the most experienced and well-rounded dating coaches to this date! Variety is the spice of life, and this applies to our coaches too who have amassed a wide range of experiences from gaming extensively across the world, achieving feats you could only dream of: same day lays, threesomes, instant pulls and long term relationships with published supermodels.

These are guys who all have a unique perspective on what good game looks like, and have walked the talked for many years trying to condense their ideas down into something easily learnable for thousands of students they have taught.

Alex Social is a man who’s been in the industry for over a decade now, and is the world’s most experienced infield coach.

Formerly a member of Real Social Dynamics, he was integral in shaping the culture of the company, having trained many of the names you see today.

He’s done the most bootcamps, and interacted with thousands of beautiful women, from lawyers to doctors to a miss teen supermodel! His team are equally as skilled – from Ryan you will be coached by a person who’s slept with hundreds of amazing women just by employing a stripped down natural approach.

His dating life is matched by his entrepreneurial prowess, being a serial entrepreneur who can teach you how to excel in both your personal and professional life. Eren is the youngest member of the team, but has accumulated years of experience tirelessly gaming in the hottest venues of London to Scandinavia and beyond.

He’s an instructor who’s been recognised for his sharp intuition, youthful sense of charisma and impeccable fashion; having come from a dark past as a self-described lost soul who had to figure out game on his own.

Bradicus, similar to Eren, is an instructor who has proven to be very relatable to students – being the oddball of the crew he had no sex life to begin with but through sheer persistence and dogged commitment he has got to the level where he has multiple same day lays a week by being a seemingly average guy.

You’ll have an opportunity to share the unique perspective offered by this coaches, and have them within arms’ reach at all times on this program.

Just Go!

Transforming your character isn’t easy, if it was everyone would be able to do it.

In fact, it’s one of the hardest things you will ever be able to achieve in your life; most people work on autopilot.

Ever read the Dr Seuss tale, ‘Oh the Places you’ll go’?

Well it’s kind of like that; you’ve been indoctrinated and socially conditioned from birth to sadly become a beta male pushover. You went through school jumping through hoops trying to please your teachers, appeasing bullies and squirming away from girls out of fear that if you did express your true self you’d immediately be socially exiled.

We’ve been raised on a culture of fear; worried our parents will disown us if we don’t excel to higher education, and later it is imperative we lock down a respectable job, with a respectable salary and a respectable wife. We live happily ever after and then die. The cycle repeats itself. However, anyone with two eyeballs could tell you this modern utopia we’ve propagandised isn’t quite working out; guys have never been more frustrated at their lack of self-worth and increasingly demonised role in society.

And guess what?

Girls are sickened by the contemporary male! He’s too wuss to make a move, or he’s an overly macho Jersey Shore wannabe who thinks being an asshole to women is the only way to get laid. Walking the road of self-development has never been more important for a man to do in our current day and age.

Why is this you ask?

You should be able to look yourself in the mirror and realise that you’re enough, and not need to overcompensate with materialistic objects or a fake persona to gain others’ admiration.

You should be a grounded male who is able to express a full range of emotions, knowing what he likes and dislikes and feeling confident at inviting someone into his world. What we ask of you is simple, come into this program with an open mind and drop all the baggage you had beforehand.

We started off exactly where you are, for a lot of our coaches it was even worse – being crippled by approach anxiety and a general feeling of low self-worth is something we’re familiar with. Don’t deny this part of yourself; vulnerability is an attractive trait to a woman. Often times she’s not concerned with the man you are right now, but is thrilled by the man you are becoming.

We’ll give you the tools to stop being a keyboard jockey surfing the net for all the right things to say to a girl, but we will actually force you out into the field to face your demons.

By going out on a regular basis, and following what we will teach you in this course you’ll be able to attract the girl of your dreams without having to do much at all.

Simplicity trumps complexity, so let’s take things back to basics and turn you into a daygame natural.

Banging Your Head Against The Wall

This can’t be right, you exclaim, this is the fifth time this week a number has flaked on you!

Either they don’t reply at all from what feels like is the perfect approach, they give you a fake number or they trail off somewhere leaving you all forgotten about.

You want to give up; you’re tired of explaining to your friends why you go out so much during the day to chat up girls in an honest effort to work on yourself.

You’ve shelled out money on so many courses from these daygame gurus who say “THIS IS IT! THIS WILL MAKE YOU INTO A PIMP AND THE ENVY OF ALL YOUR FRIENDS”. The truth is, nothing worth doing comes easy in life, and by undertaking this program you’ll probably hate us, then love us, then feel a weird ambivalent of the two emotions while making slow, gradual yet predictable progress on this path of mastery.

The 10,000 hours rule exists for a reason, and we don’t expect you to be a super saiyan after this course, but we damn well expect you to be motivated and fully aware of what you can achieve, after some of the guaranteed success stories we will help you deliver during your time with us.

Yes, the dating industry is oversaturated with charlatans and snake oil salesman whose only intention is to make a quick buck out of you and have left you skeptical over the whole whimsical transformational experience.

This is why it matters that you’ll be communicating with advanced guys, who initially held the same scepticism as you, who made exactly the same mistakes and will now be able to help you drastically cut your learning curve so that you can get the incredible results, which have eclipsed you for so long!

We’re going to encourage you to put down the theory circle-jerk stuff for a second and place your trust in us – massive action will be the deciding factor between you getting good at this or not.

This principle applies to everything in life, you need to make the transition from scarcity to abundance, and that will only be achieved by accumulating A LOT of reference experiences by taking more numbers than you think you can handle, arranging a lot of dates, and being fearless about rejection.

Can you do this for us?

We want this as bad as you do, we want you to sail out of this program totally equipped to handle yourself in scary social interactions and be a boss 24/7. Now get your head together, shake off those rejections you’ve taken this week, and let’s make a go of this.

Abundance Saturation

Remember the popular kid at school – slick hair, awesome jacket, squeaky clean tennis shoes, and a smile to die for?

Yeah, we all kind of hated that dude; he had a gaggle of yes-men cheering on every lazy joke he made, and a flock of girls clawing at each other to sit next to him at the cafeteria. However, let’s imagine this scenario, you take Mr Popular out of this comfortable setting and plop him into a town in China. Suddenly his flashy clothes are a hallmark statement of self-indulgent consumerism, his way of speaking is too loud and alien for natives to understand, and he no longer has the social proof of admirers to lift his confidence.

He’s deflated and totally out of his comfort zone; will he ever return to his former glorious self we wonder?

This is another way of introducing you to the concept of abundance saturation: essentially you’re relocated to a new environment and you need to learn how to assimilate. And fast. It’s kind of the reason why kids who move school a lot find it hard to keep friends and will often feel like loners well into their adulthood.

In the scenario above our popular chap could solve some of his problems by throwing himself into whatever extracurricular activities his Chinese classmates are into, he could start showing a bit of authenticity by educating them on his unique Western upbringing.

Eventually, the quicker he starts socialising and building up new relationships the sooner his sense of abundance will return to him. Amazing, so Superman can fly again! In the context of dating it’s not uncommon to move to a new city and not know anyone; in fact this was the case with most of the instructors who moved into their apartment on Bondi beach.

They had all the game in the world, Alex had his hands on a $3.5 million apartment in one of the best locations in the world to pick up quality women. But what was missing was that freeing sense of abundance; for two weeks straight Alex was struggling to make things happen with girls he was meeting through daygame – this happening to a world class dating coach you ask!

The truth is you need to keep at it before you establish your stride and click things into high gear.

Over time we call this macro-momentum; what we’ll teach you in the program is that it’s normal to get a series of flakes when you’re just starting out with daygame because this is NEW territory for you. You’ll need to get a lot of numbers, some of which from girls you’re not even interested in, and manufacture that false sense of abundance until it becomes real. Lo and behold that’s when the results will begin pouring in.

Daygame Know-How

Why have we chosen to base our product around daygame you ask?

Simply put, there’s something magical about meeting a girl during the day that all of us can relate to. The spontaneity of it, the realness, and the spotlight it will easily put on you as her only stimulus of arousal in the middle of a crowded street.

Nightgame is fast and furious; the girl’s mood is more sexually predisposed and she’s out to have a good time – this can all go in favour of bars and clubs until you realise that fleeting attraction executed in nightgame without proper attraction being cemented first will lead to a lot of frustrating flakes.

There’s a lot more you have to contend with – overbearing loud music, catty defensive friends, and a load of dudes trying to muscle in on the girl of your desire.

These are some of the major reasons guys turn to daygame to escape all of this drama and feel more in control about the girls they’re meeting; it gives immediate feedback on what level your game is at when you’re in a daygame interaction compared to the many variants in its counterpart.

So assuming you’re a guy who wants to see clear measurable results then this product is for you; learning daygame will make you much more socially savvy, and if you do it long enough you’ll have something we call the ‘halo effect’.

This is kind of like a radiant post-coital glow you’ll start to exude, because you’ve nixed out so many of your weird tics and traits that you’re now totally relaxed when meeting girls during the day. And one thing is for certain, making sure the girls you meet are relaxed in your company is something you’ll want to know how to do – a philosophy Alex and has team have engineered to full effect to combat the over-the-top stuff you usually see guys doing to spark attraction.

Daygame Skill-Set

Human beings are social creatures; the very fabric of civilisation is built on trade, fairness and a healthy degree of transparency.

That’s why we get idioms like “my word is bond” from a character like Michael Corleone from the Godfather, because we want to know who we’re dealing with. Being conned is the worst feeling, and over the span of an attractive girl’s lifetime (teens until mid-twenties) she’s ran into A LOT of silver tongued men who are all eager to get into her pants.

That’s often why we get something called a ‘bitch shield’ when approaching a lady in public, she’s usually heard it all before and is quick to counter your sales pitch before you even utter a word. When you run into girl after girl who seem to have a death star-esque bitch shield you’ll start to lose faith very quickly.

This is why skill matters, but paradoxically it doesn’t at the same time. Huh?

That’s a bit strange you say. Bear with me, during daygame you have to understand that it essentially boils down to a numbers game – you have to keep moving until you find the one girl who has the ideal logistics in place for you to make something happen.

That explains why screening is of vital importance; does she live here? What type of work does she do?


Get all these things out of the way to avoid wasting time. Even the most skilled Lotharios can find themselves stuck in the mud if they can’t screen the girl properly. Going back to disabling the bitch shield…this does require a bit of skill, and a lot of frame-busting, something that will be taught on our program.

You need to be a verbal ninja of some sorts, and you will endure some harsh reactions at times from girls who are just not in the mood to meet a guy. Keep calm and carry on my friend; at some point you’ll reach a certain goldilocks zone wherein you’ve totally crossed the indifference threshold.

This may last an hour, a day, perhaps a few weeks, but it is dependent on the amount of rejections you’ve taken in a small amount of time resulting in a freedom of outcome mindset that effectively teaches you: the reward is the interaction itself.

In our daygame course we cannot stress enough how empathy and appreciation of the girl will massively cut down your flake rate and solidify attraction between you and the girl.

Don’t be impervious to how she’s feeling, that’s an indicator of a socially retarded individual.

We live in a world where social intelligence represents the survival of the fittest, and our instructors will show you EXACTLY how you can master this.

Daygame Rejections

Ever met an MMA fighter or have a friend that is one? Notice how they’ve always got a new injury, kind of like how a dorky kid might collect stamps?

If you ask them about they’ll most likely shrug their shoulders and tell you it’s part of the sport, taking injuries is what they signed up for when they decided to get good at something that mattered to them. Success with women is not for the faint-hearted, for the average guy it’s something that’s eluded him forever and he’s put that thought to rest indefinitely.

Many will look at you as if you’re insane for approaching dozens upon dozens of women every day with nothing to write home about. And when you do get successful and trust me, you will, you’ll still have to deal with the haters who will vilify you for being an obnoxious player.

Really ask yourself before you sign up for this program, are you prepared to deal with all the flak you’ll get that comes with mastery in your dating life? You’ll have to cut off your old friends who don’t see eye to eye with you on the journey you’ve decided to take, and you’ll have to snap out of old habits which have made you beta all your life. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your transformation won’t happen in 24 hours either.

If you’re looking for a quick fix then I’d sharply recommend you to go elsewhere; an important thing to remember is that rejection is good. Enjoy losing as much as you do winning, and realise that you’re just getting closer to your dreams. This is bigger than just rejection from girls, but the virtues of daygame will crossover into so many areas of your life; when you ask for that raise at work you won’t shirk away from the subject, you’ll be a totally self-actualised man who knows his worth. When you have to make certain decisions for the family you’ll be at ease with the consequences, because you have spent hundreds of hours mastering your emotions.

A rejection is just another brick in your palace, and once you’ve spoken to that girl you’ll swell with pride at the fact that you had the balls to approach someone you deemed as intimidating. Get used to this feeling and then you’ll realise there’s no difference between you and an Arab sheik. Start trusting in the process, put one foot in front of the other and make your way over to her – convince yourself that your presence is a present as cheesy as that sounds, and be totally okay with her turning you down.

After all she just met you, you shouldn’t mean anything to her and she shouldn’t mean anything to you at this point, so DON’T take it personally. The moment you start adopting this mindset will be the flashbulb moment when results start appearing out of nowhere; you’ll genuinely start to appreciate the girl in front of you without expecting ANYTHING from her.

Remember, our instructors have taken more rejections than you’ve taken in your entire lifetime, the same way Michael Jordan missed more shots than he scored – field experience is king.

Get Started with Dating Apps

Get smartphone. Go to Appstore. Download Tinder: get results.

Why guys always have to make things harder than they need to with women I do not know. A lot of guys in the dating community have certain irrational prejudices about using dating apps – they might even tell you it’s cheating, because it doesn’t reflect true game.

First and foremost let’s clear this up, you haven’t come to us because you want to be a game puritan, you came here because you want a lot more casual sex, a girlfriend or a harem most likely.

The only way to get to that goal is by seeing A LOT of women, and getting comfortable with the opposite sex. Dating apps lubricate the wheels for all of this to happen. You might be a guy who realises this, and has started investing time into using Tinder, happn or Plenty of Fish but to no avail.

You keep striking out with the girls you meet online and have no idea why – well, have you had a look at your profile picture lately? You might think that bathroom selfie is all the rage right now but she sure as hell doesn’t.

A bit of professionalism in this department will take you a long way; take some cooler pictures, show girls how fun your lifestyle is and make them curious about meeting you.

Write up a thought-provoking description for yourself and have girls thinking of you as the start of a new erotica novel they just picked up. Success with dating apps requires a bit of creativity, that’s all. Our instructors have field tested openers and the best way of making a dynamic impact via dating apps and this is something you’ll learn once you take the course.

It’s time to get with the times and wade into the pool of abundance.

Social Media Pull Marketing

The advent of social media changed everything in how we communicate with one another.

With the multitude of social networking platforms at your disposal we’ve seen the consumer move into the producer. Think about that for a second; what you post next on Instagram is a documentation of what brands you like, what company you keep, where you hang out and a glimpse of what a day in your life entails.

You have the power to control and monopolise the storytelling features available on both Snapchat and Instagram to present the best possible version of yourself.

We’re not here to endorse you being another one of those millennial posers who pretend like their life is perfect but really it’s in a shambles, but now you’ve got the ability to play the game a little bit smarter with the girls in your life.

Before when we were just resigned to text a guy had to continuously be hitting a girl up to find out what she was up to, and be at the risk of oversharing his day to day life without having something visually impactful to corroborate it. Now a guy can film himself with other girls doing cool stuff while simultaneously triggering all his female followers into acknowledging his social proof, and wondering why they aren’t there.

So in our program you’ll learn how to utilise ALL these emerging social media platforms to their full potential, and inherit the many gambits and hacks that our instructors have used to fuel their upward spiral of abundance.

Phone game has never been more important; it wouldn’t even be too strange to say that nowadays if we’re away from our phones for less than a few minutes we start to feel as if a limb is missing.

Girls are obsessed with all these social media apps on their phones, so you better start learning how to speak their language sooner or later.

Your Intention vs A Girl’s Mindset

I like coming-of-age films, like Superbad or American Pie – their plots have a simple premise: horny teens who will jump through an infinite amount of hoops just for the mere promise of getting laid.

I mean most of us have been there, it’s a tough time being a teenage boy surrounded by girls who you perceive as enthralling mythical creatures. You’ll most likely say something dumb or just never pluck up the courage to talk to your childhood crush at this delicate stage of manhood.

Sadly, most guys remain frozen in this stifled state of existence; they tip toe around females like they’re on eggshells, or rely on liquid courage to chat to a girl on a night out. The worst condition I think we can all agree on is the hell of ‘friendzone’; you patiently wait for your friend Jenny to break up with her boyfriend only to make your move by taking her shopping, offering to make her dinner at yours, then leaning in for the awkward kiss which she promptly rebuffs.

We guys repeat the same mistakes again and again, ad nauseum. It’s painful to sit down with a female friend and hear the cringe-worthy antics another member of your gender is committing when you wish you could just slap some sense into the guy. It’s even worse when you’ve got a guy friend who is dejected enough to slip into the negative headspace of misogyny, condemning every female and calling them a bitch if he doesn’t get his way.

On the program you’ll learn something very simple, something almost counter-intuitive if you’ve been immersed in the pickup industry for a while – it’s called empathy. Being alpha isn’t about puffing your chest out, refusing to pay for a girl’s drink and constantly ‘negging’ her into thinking you’re more high value than you are.

Not all nice guys finish last, and if you’ve ever heard a girl say this phrase before: “I need more time” then you should really take that advice on board. Time is everything to a girl; she takes to build attraction for you, whereas a guy can get a hard-on quicker than a switch turning on. In evolutionary biology we know that it takes 9 months for a woman to carry a baby, and she goes through excruciating pain just to bring it into the world.

That’s a massive sacrifice for another human being, so if we’re considerate of the fact that a girl might not want to have sex with you straight away we can reflect on the deep concept of time here. Before contraception a woman would be taking a huge risk sleeping with any walking penis that came her way, and that reptile brain way of thinking is still apparent in the 21st century. We encourage guys not to be in a race to the finish line, and not to get frustrated at girls as this will only slow your progress down.

Girls appreciate it when you pay a genuine interest in them, give genuine compliments and understand if she’s ready or not to go last base. By watching the numerous hours of infield footage in our course you’ll know how to use time to your advantage, make a girl feel special and sleep with girls quicker than you think by just being patient.

Objections & Seduction

This may surprise you but some of the best game in the world might come from the most unlikely demographic.

I’m talking about the feral little troublemakers we call children, who seem to get their way A LOT of the time by wearing out their parents with unstoppable bouts of charisma. These critters are some of the fiercest objection-handlers, armed with nothing but a soaking nappy, a limited vocabulary and a smile that would make butter melt.

Kids are amazing at getting what they want because they are so damn persistent, most of them are full of imagination and expression which makes them a joy to be around and their sole purpose in life is to have fun.

Ever seen the jock at school who you just think is so immature that it’s a tragedy the pretty girls are drawn to him, because what substance does he have?

He can’t quote Shakespeare or write a compelling thesis on the advances of nanotechnology… But what does work in his favour is that he’s a big happy baby; how this translates into pickup is through the concept of ‘self-amusement’.


A lot of guys hear this and see it as a free pass to act like a clown, that’s not what we’re trying to achieve here.

To be self-amused is to be expressive without trying to impress; when you’re around her it’s almost as if she’s just stepped into your daily syndicated TV sitcom – she’s a guest in your reality, so have fun in your kingdom!

This is why celebrities, rich guys and other edgy alternative free spirits do so well with women; they have attained a high enough level of self-esteem to just let go and be who they are without a care in the world about being judged.

This mindset alone will help you seduce the girl, by making her feel totally at ease in your presence.

In our program you’ll learn from open to close how to escalate things in an interaction, as our instructors rack up multiple same day lays per week just by implementing this very useful mindset.

On the course you’ll be able to see all this in the infield broken down footage, and have everything explained to you so that you can go out and replicate these techniques straight away!


Buying a new car isn’t something you’d take lightly is it? You’d give it careful thought about the size, colour, sound system and brand of the car you want to buy.

Will you look good in front of your friends, or are you just after something practical that can get you from point A to point B?

Are you into vintage cars or are you an eco-friendly tesla car kind of guy?

Point being, you want a car which is compatible with your identity, so when you step foot in that car dealership you already have a clear enough idea on how you want that car to be an extension of you as a person.

The same dynamic of being a buyer can be applied to game but as an effective way to avoid wasting time and energy on dead leads. On our course we’ll psychoanalyse you well enough to know WHICH girls you should be attracting into your life, and will help make you as irresistible as possible to the girls YOU have chosen to invite into your life.

Nothing should be done by chance; a man who has no standards in his life is comparable to someone who doesn’t know a road map from the hole in the ground.

One thing girls always look for in a man is certainty – she wants you to take the responsibility off of her to make the dates happen, and to make the sex happen.

Isn’t it funny how when a girl shyly explains to her friend why she slept with a guy, she’ll blush and say “it just happened”, that’s because some guy was leading the whole thing from beginning till end. In daygame we cannot stress good screening enough, and with our regular drill tests you’ll be able to execute this at a moment’s notice due to how thoroughly we would’ve hammered home the concept into you.

This is why our instructors get the amazing results they do on such a consistent basis; they know the EXACT green signals to look for when locked into an interaction with a girl.

This is how Alex and his team make ‘invisible’ game work so well, by looking out for these subtle cues that help them push ahead to the results they want.

Don’t work harder, work smarter.


If you’ve really dug deep into the PUA archives you’re probably pretty familiar with the idea of ‘shit tests’ and have endured quite a few of them from girls if you’ve done any approaching whatsoever. Not too dissimilar from screening, a girl will use this in her arsenal of weapons to see if you’re really who you say you are.

It takes some balls to go up to a girl on the street and express your interest in her, in a world where it seems we’re increasingly becoming disconnected and are hiding behind our smartphones. This is why merely greeting a girl on the street will trigger arousal; it won’t necessarily get her panties wet but it will command her attention at least momentarily.

And once you have her attention she’ll be wondering: who is this strange guy with the humongous chimp-like balls that just interrupted my day unapologetically?

Cue the shit test. She does it to find out how congruent you are with your thoughts, words and actions – are they all in perfect alignment or are you putting on a façade? Girls can sniff this out very quickly.

Now with qualification it’s a tool which kind of establishes the same power dynamic you’re looking for when a girl delivers a shit test, except now you’re like the employer sitting behind his high mahogany desk and asking with a stern face: “why should I hire you?” You’re filtering down the girl’s interests and character to see if meshes well with yours, and ultimately you should be prepared to walk away if something seems off. Job offer rescinded.

Again, with our instructors helping you with webinars and a forum you’ll be admitted to with flowing discourse and information from guys who are doing the program as well as you, you’ll be able to understand all of this better.

You’ll gain an intuitive understanding of what signs to look out for in an interaction with a girl, making the change from Mr Creepy to Mr Sexworthy in a VERY short space of time.


Let’s get physical; physical…most guys probably have skipped the entire contents page just to read this chapter.

Whether it’s inhaling a girl’s aromatic perfume, feeling her soft skin, or holding her as she sinks into your loving embrace, we guys go bananas over the physical stuff! That’s not fair actually, touch is something dear to both sexes and it would be a very depressing world without it. However, what girls do not like is someone invading their privacy, and this is something guys have got to learn immediately before they attempt daygame.

During the night we’re dealing with a different kettle of fish; on the dancefloor there comes the expectation of heated grindin’ and fast escalation, because generally a girl’s buying temperature is through the roof – she’s aroused by the environment and you’re just the catalyst she needs to do something naughty.

But let’s take this party girl and look at her the next day, she’s hungover and can barely get out of bed; she feels awful because she’s missed the gym and settled with cold pizza instead, but she knows she needs to make that hair appointment today because she looks like a trainwreck.

She throws on some ugg boots and heads out into the city, maybe she’ll pick up that new dress she’s wanted to buy for a while now actually – and then BAM, here comes the pickup guy who’s closed in on her like a steel bat to the face! He’s tense, he’s way too close to her, his breath sort of smells off and she can’t even focus on what he’s saying because he’s talking too fast which doesn’t help her throbbing headache from last night’s shenanigans.

Her eyes dart around him as she tries to make up a quick excuse to escape, he realises he’s losing her and tries to hold her attention by touching her arm.

Ok, that’s all she needed, and she’s off like Usain Bolt on the starting line. Do you see the contrast between nightgame and daygame here?

Our party girl is a very fragile being once the sun comes out and she’s not dressed to the nines happy to receive male attention. In our program you’ll learn how to calibrate to a girl’s emotions during the daytime, and meet the real her at her most vulnerable.

What does that mean exactly?

It means more solid numbers and immensely reduced flaking.

I’d like you to imagine that pickup is yoga; you breathe deeply, your muscles are relaxed, and you transfer this energy to the girls you meet during the day – they sense your aura.

You trust the right words will come to you, and the right escalation will fall in place because it really isn’t rocket science.

By watching the infield footage and meticulous detail that comes with it you’ll be able to mimic what our advanced guys are able to do, almost like having Yoda guiding your every move.

Dates and Instant Pulls
Remember detention time? You did something bad and a kid ratted on you so you ended up with the other miscreants and a bored teacher in a room after school.

I’ve definitely been there one too many times; at first you’re bored stiff, you might find yourself in a Bart Simpson situation where you’re forced to write lines continuously on a piece of paper until your hand starts to turn numb: “I shall not call Mr Patterson a fatass…I shall not call Mr Patterson a fatass”, and then it happens, the teacher leaves the room and everyone takes a sigh of relief.

You all exchange eye contact with one another, having not shared a single conversation in your stay at this school but one thing’s for certain – you’re not going to let this opportunity slip by… You start telling jokes; learn a bit more about each other, you go deep and personal – the emo kid starts to find a commonality with the trumpet player and so on and so forth.

By the end of detention, you learned that over time you were forced to get to know each other, and you managed to build some camaraderie despite your initial boredom.

Now let’s take the same ‘detention’ idea to a date with an attractive young woman; first things first you’ve already won – she’s decided she likes you enough to carve out a time in the week to spend with you. The only precept you need to have in your mind is to not mess it up; like the yoga analogy we used earlier, calm yourself down and aim to be totally relaxed on this date.

Firmly place sexy time at the back of your mind and make getting to know the girl your top priority; sex should be an afterthought, so let’s treat this date as a meeting of the minds.

Realistically, it often takes a girl two or more meetups to decide she’s ready to sleep with a new guy she just met, so don’t rush the process!

Spend ‘detention’ with her and have fun, turn it into a Rom-Com experience where you’re the exciting new man in her life who’s giving her a whirlwind experience!

Over the years the pickup industry has become so focused on the mechanics of pulling a girl that it has dehumanised guys into becoming terminators. When a guy is met with last minute resistance, or god forbid she refuses to kiss you he ploughs on relentlessly without taking into consideration a girl’s feelings. I’ll say it again; she needs time to adjust to you.

You’ll see this in minute detail by watching our instructors perfectly execute pulls often in record time, because they are highly attuned to the girl’s emotions.

Instant pulls and same day lays are definitely possible, but you need to take into account your experience and skill level before you can start doing the impressive stuff.

The difference between our instructors and a normal guy is that they CAN do this on a freakishly consistent basis, and this was a result of practice over time, and having a massive volume of dates to make them feel comfortable with the opposite sex.

Phone Game & Text Game

It’s been a good day at the office, you hit the streets hard and walked away with a few numbers; you open your phone and see the names of these girls appear like stars in the skyline, and then you mutter to yourself: “what do I say next…?”

The first thing we’ve got to establish is that a girl giving you her number is a nice reward of your efforts, but to her it’s really not a big deal – it won’t guarantee you much, and you’ll find that phone game is a microcosm of the face to face interaction itself so you’ll have to repeat the interaction all over again.

Sound tiring?

Well sorry, that’s the nature of the dating game.

To her you’re just another number among the many contacts she has stored in her phone; you’re competing with her girlfriends, family and guys she might already be seeing, so with all this in mind you’ve got to stand out.

From the opening text you want to hit the ground running and make sure she has a positive memory of who you are; a good thing to do is to use callback humour (an interesting detail you learned about her) that you can use in this situation. You need to get her responding to you so that you’re equally invested in the interaction, and to avoid you walking down a one way street of you chasing her.

Guys make A LOT of mistakes over text, it explains why there’s entire websites dedicated to roasting dudes who say dumb, weird stuff just to get with a girl.

The main objective when texting a girl should be you orchestrating things towards the meetup; you build familiarity with her for however long it takes, optimally aiming to meetup with her as soon as possible to avoid becoming a ‘textbuddy’.

During this time you’re hitting her up with funny observations from your day, cute pictures and generally showering her with value which shows you’re a cool guy who’s not overly fussed about her. You need to walk a fine line between creating enough intrigue in her for want to see you, but still demonstrating through certain subcommunications that you’re a busy guy with exciting stuff going on.

What you’ll learn from the instructors on the program is a sophisticated method of converting numbers into dates, and avoiding the no man’s land of seeing your hard work go to waste.

Flakes from the Phone

You pull the trigger and ask for the meetup and of course she agrees to it, this week you say, perfect she says back; the day approaches, and boom she gives you a half arse excuse about why she can’t meetup that day. For as long as you stay in this journey you’ll have to perpetually be dealing with flaky girls, so at all costs DON’T let this dishearten you.

I’ve mentioned it before and for good reason, you NEED to have empathy for the girl and understand that even know the interaction might’ve been awesome in person – life and all the commitments that come with it can easily roadblock your date.

This might also explain why eastern philosophy has permeated into PUA culture lately, as it reinforces the message of non-neediness and ultimately being detached from the outcome.

It’s a strange thought to uphold, but almost have it in mind that you’re always going to be disappointed from the girls you meet – prepare for the worst so to speak. Most girls will flake on the first meetup arranged, and it might take several attempts before you can finally get her out; the key here is not to get frustrated and let her see that it’s garnered a reaction from you.

You need to bolster a pipeline of girls to feel a degree of abundance that’ll stop you from worrying about whether a chick can meet you or not.

You might not know it, but girls don’t want your whole world to revolve around her, it puts an uncomfortable amount of pressure on the idea of meeting up and is most likely the reason why she will flake on you.

Also, you will have the advantage of being able to lean on the counsel of all our executive coaches who will help you avoid the hazards of flaking which you probably have been exacerbating for yourself, but what’s imperative is you understand that even the most advanced guys go through this annoying part of the game.

Multiple Relationships & Break ups

We’re a few months removed and you’re beginning to see how much this course has helped explode your game; girls are coming into your life faster than you can blink and now you’ve turned your usual problems into quality problems.

Now be prepared to deal with some of the headaches this slightly more advanced stage of the game entails – girls who are demanding to see you, crying when you don’t call them back, and dates which are interfering with you seeing your friends and other chicks in your life.

All of this requires balance.

What you’ll learn from our coaches is a scripted word for word breakdown on what to say to girls to help manage the expectations a girl has from you in your relationship.

If you’re not quite ready to have a girlfriend we strongly encourage you to be transparent with her about this, because we’re hoping you’re not in this to hurt girls but to help enrichen your life and hers. You’ll find that girls have a healthy respect for honesty in a guy regarding this subject matter – some might freak out and be uncomfortable with the idea of you potentially seeing other girls, while others are fine with it. At this stage in the game you’ll be able to see how much a relationship is benefitting you or not and whether you’re both growing as a couple or if she is just dragging you down. Your values and boundaries as a man will dictate what course of action you should take in these situations.

Break ups will of course follow, and it will never be easy to get over a girl you care about but you will grow exponentially as a man.

You will also have a support network from all the guys walking the same journey as you on our program, so never feel like you are alone when walking this path.

After this you will have absolutely no excuses. You will know exactly what to expect and you will know exactly what to do. The road ahead will be clearer than ever before.

You have it all, now it’s only up to you.

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