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In this brand-new video coaching program, 2022 Marketer of The Year, Alex Cattoni, will guide you through her proven STORM Method…

The 5 foundational marketing strategies you need to build an unshakeable online business, amplify your impact, and execute iconic marketing campaigns that will leave your competition thunderstruck.

For the first time ever, Alex is pulling back the curtain on her own business and revealing everything she did to build a recognizable multiple 7-figure brand and rally a global crew of over 300,000+ rad humans in just three years.

Inside this program, you’ll get insider strategies, proven and repeatable processes and customizable marketing blueprints that you can apply immediately in your own business to take the world by storm.


Whoever said business isn’t personal… is full of shit.

Being an entrepreneur is one of the most rewarding experiences that you can embark on in your life…

And it can also be an impossibly challenging and confronting one.

Some days you feel like you’re channeling the power of the cosmos to bend time, warp reality and make magic happen on command…

The wins come quick. Your videos go viral. A launch goes well. And for a brief moment, it’s as if everything you touch turns to gold.

Then there are those other days. The ones when you feel like you woke up on a bed of kryptonite.

The crushing expectations to be visible, go viral and stay relevant start to chip away at your creative energy.

You find yourself comparing yourself to others, making reactive decisions and trying some “quick hack” you saw on TikTok that you know deep down is not serving the work you are here to do or the people you are here to help.

Suddenly, it feels like you’re no longer in charge and you’ve completely lost sight of why you started your business in the first place.


I get it. You’re frustrated that what used to always work no longer does…

You struggle to keep up with the ever-changing rules of social media algorithms…

You’re dumbfounded when a launch doesn’t go your way even though you did exactly what so-and-so did…

You’re exhausted by trying to keep up with the latest tactics and viral trends and you’ve hit a wall…

You’ve spent a ton of money “fixing” your funnel, with little to no results…

And all you need is a damn break but feel like you can’t afford to take your foot off the gas pedal.

I feel you and you’re not alone. I’ve been there myself in the past 10 years…

I know other incredibly successful entrepreneurs who’ve had to shut their entire business down because they were so burnt out…

And others who lost millions in revenue because they got burned by investing everything into the latest and greatest marketing “hack”.

So I’m making a declaration now to entrepreneurs everywhere.

Let’s TUNE OUT the bullshit misconception that if we slow down, we’ll be dead in the water…

Or that the only way to succeed is to be “the cheapest”, “the fastest” or “the most cutting edge”…

Or that if we don’t hop on the the latest marketing trend or technology NOW, we’ll be left behind.

It’s all bullshit.

After over a decade of building many notable brands and crafting successful marketing campaigns for myself and my clients, here is what I know to be true…


As a passionate entrepreneur, you have the creative superpower to change lives…

And it’s your duty to protect that superpower at all costs and stay focused on the impact you are here to make.

This is a reminder I have to give myself daily…

Because it’s SO damn hard to stay in your lane when there’s a million people blowing hot smoke up your ass about the next best thing.

And while it’s fun to chase the white rabbit down every hole you find, you’ve got to build your own wonderland and remember WHY you’re here, or you’ll end up burned or just straight-up burnt out.

People often ask me – “Alex, how did you build a recognizable brand, a successful business and a loyal fan base in an overserved market in just 3 years?”

If I had to sum up my answer in a single sentence, it would be this:

I trusted my creativity, I listened to my community and I paired what’s working in the market today with the timeless marketing principles that have worked consistently for me over the past decade

And now I want to share ALL my best marketing strategies with you – a proven blueprint rooted in marketing TRUTHS…

So you can amplify your impact, build an unshakeable and sustainable business and create thunder no one can steal or snuff out.

And that’s exactly what I’ll be teaching you in this brand-new video coaching program.


Amplify Your Impact By Understanding The Emotional Buyer’s Journey

Humans buy emotionally and justify logically, which means that crafting a great offer is only one half of the marketing process. If you’re not considering the Emotional Buyer’s Journey – the 5 core emotions someone MUST feel before they can say yes to you – you are leaving A LOT of money on the table and completely ignoring the customers who need you the most. Inside STORM, you’ll learn the exact marketing triggers and embedded messaging cues you need to convert emotion into action, amplify your impact and take your customer from curious to fiercely committed — over and over again.

Build An Unshakeable Business With Timeless Marketing Strategies

Forcing customers down your Frankenstein funnel isn’t a good look. Customers are no longer making linear buying decisions. Instead, they are craving aligned brand experiences, where they are in the driver’s seat. It’s time to give our customers control over how they interact with us and make every touchpoint so damn good, they’d never even consider the alternative. Inside STORM, we’ll investigate timeless marketing truths and explore what’s working (and not working) today. Some of these strategies are new, others I’ve used over the past decade to help dozens of high-paying clients scale 7 and 8-figure brands.

Get A Proven Step-By-Step Blueprint To Ignite Your Marketing FAST

Strategies without systems fail. That’s why I’m giving you every single tool I’ve used over the last 3 years to build a multiple 7-figure award-winng brand. From content marketing processes, to launch checklists, to proven swipe files – inside STORM, you’ll get exclusive behind-the-scenes access to practical systems and templates that you can duplicate in one click and apply in your own business to ignite your authority, productivity and sales FAST. As trends and tactics come and go, this foundational marketing blueprint will serve you for years to come and help you build a business that weathers any storm.


Story Trinity

The 3 Types of Stories That Sell

Discover the foundational storytelling techniques that shape today’s most memorable marketing campaigns. In Level 1, you’ll learn how to tell aligned, relevant and valuable stories with The Story Trinity – our 3-step method for amplifying empathy, creating loyalty and connecting with your customers in a way that A.I. could never replicate. Then you’ll discover the 5x5x5 Multiplier Strategy that we use at the Copy Posse to automate and systemize storytelling. With this process, you’ll create your very own Story Inventory so you NEVER run out of powerful and persuasive content ideas ever again.

Trust Campaigns

Proven Content Marketing & List-Building Formulas

Buyer behavior has changed massively over the past decade. With overwhelming options available and a cacophony of content around every corner, customers today need more time and more trust before they can commit. In Level 2, you’ll learn the omni-channel marketing strategies and list-building formulas we follow to easily publish thousands of content touchpoints a year, create desire that inspires action and build our email list on auto-pilot. You’ll walk away from this session with a proven and repeatable action plan for establishing unshakeable long-term trust with your community.

Offer Blueprint

How To Create, Template & Automate Sales

Whether you’re planning your first launch or expanding your current offerings, my 7-Step Offer Creation Blueprint will help you ideate, create and launch your next product from start to finish. In Level 3, you’ll learn the 4 “funnel perspectives” that are essential to positioning your offer, plus the key conversion triggers and persuasion principles that will make it absolutely irresistible to your dream customer. Then I’ll share how we initiatetemplate and automate revenue with my 3-Phase Promotion Plan and give you the exact checklists and frameworks we use to streamline our marketing efforts.

Roadmap Design

The 6-Step Pathway To More Profit

Designing your business roadmap is just as much about your customers’ growth as it is about yours. When you help your customers solve bigger challenges, inspire them to say yes to new opportunities and intentionally guide them every step of the way, they’ll stay in your orbit for years. At the Copy Posse, 80% of our revenue comes from existing customers, which means lower costs and greater impact. In Level 4, you’ll discover how we strategically design future product pathways to elevate customer lifetime value, create transformational brand experiences and massively increase profits.

Marketing Playbook

The 3 C’s of Persuasive Messaging

The secret to automatic sales is to strategically reverse-engineer commitment in your marketing. In Level 5, you’ll discover my core marketing philosophy and the foundational concepts you MUST identify before selling anything. With my 3-Step Marketing Playbook, I’ll show you how to prime your audience to buy, design a compelling campaign, and craft captivating messaging for any medium. With 16 powerful hooks to grab and keep attention, 23 psychological triggers to become instantly more persuasive and my 5-step framework to overcome any objection, you’ll leave this session with everything you need to take the world by STORM.


You’re a new entrepreneur, coach or content creator who wants a proven and repeatable marketing blueprint that you can use to start and scale your own business quickly.

Your business is hitting a wall or losing steam and you’re tired of “quick fix” tactics that fizzle fast – you want a fresh perspective and sustainable solutions to revive your sales.

You’re a freelancer or marketing strategist who’s looking for new ways to serve your customers, create scalable marketing campaigns and build your expert authority.

You’re a copywriter who wants to uplevel your skills, expand your services and raise your rates so you can build a more creative, lucrative and fulfilling career.

And you’re 100% committed to taking action, showing up and repping the Posse like the rad human you are.


It’s my mission to de-douchify the Internet and build an Empathy Empire, and I’m fierce as hell about it. That’s why I’ll respectfully ask you not join the program if…

You just want to make a quick buck. This program is about building a long-term and sustainable marketing strategy that leads with empathy and true value — not manipulation, fear and hype.

You don’t care about making the Internet a better place. As creative entrepreneurs, we have the honor of promoting products that can change lives. When you join STORM, you’re making a Posse-Promise to use these strategies, tools and blueprints to sell more products and services that genuinely help people.

You’re not a team player. This is for entrepreneurs, coaches, business owners, marketers and copywriters who support, celebrate and respect each other. This is the raddest crew on the Internet, and I protect that at all costs.

You are a tire-kicker. This is not for people who want to “try it out” and half-ass their way to building a business. I’m putting my heart and soul into this program and I expect the same in return. You gotta commit to showing up and taking action if you want to see results.

You’re looking for reasons to fail! If you tend to complain, nitpick or blame others for your lack of results — please stay away. At the Posse, we’re all about taking full responsibility and show up day after day ready to slay.


  • 8 Step-by-Step Video Trainings with Alex Cattoni ($4000 Value)
  • 21 Step-By-Step Marketing Blueprints & Formulas ($5250 Value)
  • 14 Fully Customizable Templates & Marketing Checklists ($2100 Value)
  • Private STORM community for Q&As, guidance and support.
  • Lifetime access to all STORM content.

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