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Discover the secrets behind having an amazing voice. Learn to relax, gain confidence and become more present. Master your Clarity of speech and camera skills.

Improve Your Voice is a great introduction for anyone to learn how to communicate better. Singers, actors, and public speakers will benefit from this course, as well as anyone who simply wants to boost their confidence and the effect they have on people in every day conversations.” Alan S. Weber – Professor of English

This eight week course is designed to equip you with the tools necessary to achieve great results with every aspect of your voice – enabling clear, resonant and confident vocality.

Through simple daily exercises you will unlock ways in which to:

– Become a more effective speaker or singer

– Gain confidence in yourself

– Develop a more authoritative, engaging and resonant speaking and/or singing voice

– Learn physical and practical training techniques for daily practice

– See an immediate positive change

– Improve your pitch, tone, projection, articulation, resonance and overall presence

– Overcome nerves and engage any audience

– Relax and find comfort in your physicality, body language and self awareness

– Feel more comfortable in yourself and relieve stress

Your Instructor

Founder of Vocabilities, Darren McStay trained initially as an actor and musician. With over twenty-eight years of experience recording in studios and performing on stage, he has amassed a wealth of expertise in his field.

He began voice coaching in 2008 and has since helped thousands of people find their confidence and realise their potential as voice-over artists and speakers alike.

Darren initially gained a certificate of distinction in Speech and Articulation from LAMDA before studying for an MA in Acting at East 15 Acting School. He also has the equivalent MA in Radio from the same school and is currently studying to complete his Grade 6 TEFL course through the London Teachers Training College.

To further his resources, Darren went on to complete two further diplomas, one in Life coaching and the other in Hypnotherapy.

As a musician, Darren has played for crowds of up to three thousand and appeared on the same billing as Scissor Sisters, The Cuban Brothers and The BlockheadsHe has also performed at some of the UK’s most exciting festivals like Glastonbury, Bestival, and Boomtown – to name only a few.

As a stage actor, Darren has worked at The National Theatre, The Royal Opera House, ENO (English National Opera), and has also performed in Warhorse in London’s West End. As a film actor, he has appeared in over twenty-five films and he continues to work in both fields.

“Over the twenty-eight years of my career, I have been fortunate enough to have appeared before almost three and a half million people live worldwide. This has successfully led me to become an effective voice & performance coach, reaching over half a million people, in not only improving their voice and communicative potential but making positive changes to their lifestyle, beliefs and habits.”

All of this experience gives Darren a diverse and unique set of tools to draw upon when working with his clients.

Course Curriculum

  • Welcome
  • Breath Week One – Day One (14:18)
  • Breath Week One – Day Two (5:41)
  • Breath Week One – Day Three (8:30)
  • Breath Week One – Day Four (4:16)
  • Breath Week One – Day Five (4:43)
  • Breath Week One – Day Six (1:46)
  • Day seven – Off
  • Foundations Week Two – Day One (5:42)
  • Foundations Week Two – Day Two (6:04)
  • Foundations Week Two – Day Three (5:21)
  • Foundations Week Two – Day Four (3:29)
  • Foundations Week Two – Day Five (2:33)
  • Foundations Week Two – Day Six (2:45)
  • Day Seven – Rest
  • Relaxation Week Three – Day One (4:29)
  • Relaxation Week Three – Day Two (3:26)
  • Relaxation Week Three – Day Three (3:22)
  • Relaxation Week Three – Day Four (14:29)
  • Relaxation Week Three – Day Five (5:35)
  • Relaxation Week Three – Day Six (4:40)
  • Day Seven – Take a break
  • Posture Week Four – Day One (5:34)
  • Posture Week Four – Day Two (3:30)
  • Posture Week Four – Day Three (3:47)
  • Posture Week Four – Day Four (3:23)
  • Posture Week Four – Day Five (2:27)
  • Posture Week Four – Day Six (3:26)
  • Day seven – wind down
  • Resonance Week Five – Day One (6:06)
  • Resonance Week Five – Day Two (3:03)
  • Resonance Week Five – Day Three (4:38)
  • Resonance Week Five – Day Four (3:47)
  • Resonance Week Five – Day Five (4:20)
  • Resonance Week Five – Day Six (2:43)
  • Day seven – Chill
  • Projection Week Six – Day One (6:02)
  • Projection Week Six – Day Two (3:06)
  • Projection Week Six – Day Three (5:30)
  • Projection Week Six – Day Four (1:51)
  • Projection Week Six – Day Five (7:53)
  • Projection Week Six – Day Six (4:52)
  • Day seven – rest up
  • Lengthening Week Seven – Day One (6:21)
  • Lengthening Week Seven – Day Two (5:19)
  • Lengthening Week Seven – Day Three (4:36)
  • Lengthening Week Seven – Day Four (4:51)
  • Lengthening Week Seven – Day Five (3:54)
  • Lengthening Week Seven – Day Six (7:25)
  • Day seven – day off
  • Articulation Week Eight – Day One (5:22)
  • Articulation Week Eight – Day Two (4:41)
  • Articulation Week Eight – Day Three (3:43)
  • Articulation Week Eight – Day Four (3:56)
  • Articulation Week Eight – Day Five (4:28)
  • Articulation Week Eight – Day Six (5:50)
  • Moving Forward
  • Exercise list

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